My Sunday Garden – Bugs and Blooms and a Fox

I was up and out this morning by 6:45 am. The sun is up early now and it gets me up. Holiday weekends have a different feel to them, don’t you think so? I could hear the cows across the way mooing for their breakfast, an owl hooting somewhere, and my neighbor’s little dog yapping to go out.

Then I heard an unusual whirring sound. What was making that noise? I listened harder. The birds were all singing and whistling their morning songs but, still I could hear a whirring mechanical sound.

For the moment I was just going to ignore the sound and check on my plants. It has been so hot the last couple of days so I know some of the plants are going to need some extra water.

I went around to the side yard first and look who’s back.


Yep, summer is definitely on it’s way if these pesky grasshoppers are back. We used to have a little red eared slider turtle that loved to eat these things. A few years back we gifted him (Swimmy) to a friend who has two young sons. I think he is probably much happier.

The youngster had gotten him when he was the size of a quarter and loved him to pieces. He grew (the youngster and the turtle) until the days came when the youngster was no longer interested in the turtle. By that time the turtle was in a 30 gallon tank and the size of a dessert plate.

Probably got that big by eating the above pictured pest.

Anyway, I let this one live (the grasshopper) but, I will have to do some kind of control because these things will eat every leaf off a plant. Then I came across more trouble. What is this. I am going to have to encourage Mr. Understanding to take some action on all these trouble spots.


That does not look like anything good to me. What do you think is in there?

Well, let’s look at something pretty and not think about it right now. I am still hearing that noise.


Now isn’t this gladiola a much prettier sight than that ugly grasshopper? The Glads are starting to burst their blooms. I know a lot of folks are not fans of this flower but, I think they are interesting and they don’t require much of my energy. I am going to have to thin them out this year; I am just not sure what time of the year that should happen. Got any idea?

do you see thisd

Are you kidding me. I didn’t even see this thing until after I took the picture. What has it been eating to get that big!


Ok, this one I like. No, I didn’t take this one in the early morning. It was yesterday during the hottest part of the day. I wonder where these guys hide away at night? They will be out in swarms in the heat of the day. I will try to find some batteries for my “real camera” so I can get some more shots of them. My pictures today were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Not bad as long as there is sufficient light.


Alright, the noise is definitely louder down here on Hamster Hill. Yes, we have a hamster graveyard. We have had some elaborate funerals for these little guys. You know hamsters only live a few years. We have a metal hamster wheel buried somewhere around here. The daylilies seem to enjoy it.

What is that noise. Oh, now I see. The folks across the road have a giant 25 ft high blowup water slide in their backyard. I can just see the tip of it over their house. That is the generator making that sound. Guess, I didn’t hear it yesterday with all the garage sale stuff going on.

No, I am not going to show you a picture of the slide. Ok, if you insist. Hold on while I go out and get the picture.

Alright, here is the picture. No sound but, as you look at the picture make a whirring humming sound and you will get the “whole picture.”


Hey, you wanted to see it remember? Good thing I went back to take this picture because I found another dragonfly pic that you might like. I like it.


While I was down on Hamster Hill looking at the daylilies I came across another problem. Maybe, I should reconsider these Sunday morning strolls. I guess the mocking birds find this fence a lovely place to sit and do their business. We don’t have telephone lines so I guess this is the next best place for them.

pooponthe fenced

I don’t want this to be your last thought about my post today so let’s see what else I have

Golden lantana



How about a cute chicken. Why did the chicken make me think of a fox? I know, Mr. U took a picture of fox that was in our way back yard yesterday. Let me go get that. Hold on. He took it with his cell.

The Fox den along with my little vintage fox
The Fox den along with my little vintage fox

No this is not the real fox it is one of my little vintage foxes. Hold on here is the real one:


Pretty awesome. Wish I would have seen him. Wonder if he is checking out the chickens or the grapes?

Enjoy the day.






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