My Sunday Garden – Springtime March 2015

I have been off my blog for so long they have changed the formatting and now I need to figure out how to add the pictures because I know that is what you are here for, right? Spring is on it’s way here in North Florida for sure, but how about Georgia? Mr. Understanding and I took a quick trip up to North Georgia this past weekend to see my Pops and the lovely younger sister and her husband man.

I was hoping to see the daffodils blooming at the King homestead, but we had missed them. We did see plenty of other people’s blooms along the way. We got off the highway and took the back roads up through Warm Springs and Newnan. Very pretty. Mr. Understanding just wouldn’t go 20 miles an hour so I could take pictures, he said something about other people on the road wanting to go the speed limit or something. He is so understanding. He did stop for a couple of minutes in Warm Springs so I could snap a few pictures.

This is a big snowball bush just starting to bloom. I can only imagine what it must look like when all those lime green flowers burst into white. My kind of snow.



Now the next few are not flowers exactly however they are beauties in their own right. Remember we are driving so I tried my best  to get pictures of these Southern Belles.


I did see a sign on the one below that said something about being built in 1853. I really like the swans guarding the front porch. Ok, I am having trouble with this new format. Grrrr, I can’t stand it when something that was working changes

1853 bright



Eleanor’s Alley is in Warm Springs. We did not get to Roosevelt’s Little White house on this trip. Maybe next time.
At this point I feel like I am working on a project with Mr. Understanding if you know what I mean and if you don’t well you are just plain lucky. You know he did stop in some little town because he needed to stretch his legs. Of course this town was rather non descript except for these cute little wildflowers. I have no idea what they are? Do you?



I wasn’t going to show you these little wild violets yet, but this picture popped in when I put the other one on. What is going on here? I used to be really good at this. Like they say “use it or lose it” I don’t know who “they” are but in this case “they” seem to be correct. How about some of those daffodils I was talking about? The yellow one is from my Florida yard via the King homestead in Georgia and the white ones are at my mother’s home via the King homestead. You know we Southerners like to have living history through our gardens. I didn’t notice the drink cup in the background until just now courtesy of the young’un or Mr. Understanding.

daffodil1white daffs1

I did get a picture of the Forsythias blooming over at the King homestead. You know I can stand it when people cut their forsythias and azaleas into round balls. They look ugly, not natural, and most of the blooms are cut off. Why have them if you are going to force them into some weird shape, just saying.

Here are some in their natural state


What else can I show you this Sunday. I could have taken a million pictures. I love this time of year. I know, I will show you our driveway with the blooming ornamental pear trees. We are back home. Have a great Sunday and I hope Spring is on it’s way to your home.




My Sunday Garden – Think Pink

I had a little surprise this past week when I pulled up behind Southern Crossing to drop off some goods for my booth. Now it is late October so what I saw was quite surprising.

pinkl Is this a beautiful hibiscus? I don’t know if this is a normal time of year for them to be blooming or not. I can’t resist a pink flower. Here is another shot


Quite stunning if you ask me. Another little surprise this week is my African violet. I have had this plant for about 6 years. I planted it in this fishbowl when it was very little. I never guessed it would decide to grow right up and out of the bowl. I don’t know what to do about it now, so I am not going to do anything unless it starts to look like it is dying. This plant blooms all the time. I have it on a table that faces a north window. It gets bright indirect sunlight everyday. I only water it once every two weeks.



That’s all I have for today. Enjoy


My Sunday Garden – Counting Down the Last Days of Summer

Well, it is the beginning of August. My the Summer has flown by. I get wistful this time of year thinking of all the things I planned back in the Spring before the day time temperatures were 100 and the air was full of moisture so much that if you are outside for more than ten minutes you are soaked from the humidity.

No, the Summer is not gone completely, but school starts back in a couple of weeks for the youngster so if we are going to do anything else, we better do it fast.

The flower garden is going to the bugs, literally. The grasshoppers are taking over. The butterflies are hatching out and the heat and humidity is stressing the summer flowers.

Even so, the zinnias solider on and I have to say next to daisies I love these flowers (even with the insects)

Let’s take a look and see what you think, shall we?

These are Georgia Thumpers or Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers. They can do a lot of damage. The youngster used to catch and dispose of them for me. Can’t hardly get him to come look at them now.


This one is a little different but I think it is the same kind.


Look at the bright green one down in the corner. How can I combat this kind of attack?


orange on orange


the chase









We had a quick visit from the Middles this weekend. We just don’t see enough of them. The little G-man is just a few days away from turning two. Here he is enjoying some ice cream – before dinner at the M Shack. Hey, it is Summer one should eat ice cream as much as possible.


and here are the Middles, looking like their adorable selves.


Hope your Sunday has been restful. Enjoy, go have some ice cream.


My (Neighbor’s) Sunday Garden

Here it is Sunday evening. I waited for the early evening to go out and get some pictures of my neighbor’s front garden. She is an avid gardener.

Well, she wasn’t home. Just the cat and her dogs, which were barking up a storm when I went over there. Since she wasn’t home, I am going to tell you right now – I don’t know the names of some of these plants.

Since I waited until dusk, the mosquitos were out in force.

Ok, here we go. This is a Rose of Sharon. I used to have some of these, but they got to much water one summer and they were gone. See my fence? I really am just next door.



We always had this flower when I was a child. I used to make dolls out of them. See the big buds? I used them for the doll head and the flower was the dress, tie it together with some dandelion and clover stems – use your imagination.


She has a couple of fountain/sculptures in her garden.


Her garden is like mine, very hodge podge. She actually spends a lot of time to give it the casual look.


Her little cat surprised me or I surprised him. I had to coax him back to get the picture. Cute


The smell of these four o’clock flowers is incredible. Very sweet smelling

She has peppers and tomatoes in pots on the front patio.


Ok, here is one of those plants I don’t know the name of. It is a pretty mean looking plant, just saying. To me it looks related to a holly?


Her Caladiums are growing in the pots they came in. Pretty cool looking succulent.


This two tone Vinca is pretty. I was looking it up and found out it is poisonous and I think the Caladiums are too.


The Vinca grows like a weed and enjoys the hot dry weather.


I have no clue what these yellow flowers are, but they are pretty awesome.

The neighbor has this great little pond with a cool poured concrete leaf fountain, but the mosquitos will eat you up over here. She has a couple of Koi in the pond. Sorry not pictures.


What about these sweet little “lemon slice” petunias. I remember when she got these she said they will come back next year. Looks like she needs to do a little weeding. Just saying. Ok, I take that back after all she is nice enough to let me photograph her garden, weeds and all. Oops, there I go again. Thanks neighbor your garden is awesome.


Ok, back in my yard, no she did not kick me out. Remember, she is not home. Anyway, back in my yard the crepe myrtles are in full bloom. Yes, the neighbor has some beautiful crepe myrtles, but the mosquitos were really getting me.


Here is a picture of my Palatka holly. I wonder what took a bite out of the leaf. I hope you enjoyed visiting my neighbor’s garden. I will have to sneak back over there in a few months. Did I say sneak, I did not sneak over there I am sure all the other neighbors saw me over there and were wondering what I was up to. Trust me she will know I was there.


Have a great Sunday. Enjoy the day. Oh, and what do you think about the dragonfly sitting on the top of her well?


My Sunday Garden – Lizards and More

Well we are back to hot and more hot. Yesterday, the youngster said the driveway was burning his feet and that was at 5:30 in the afternoon. Got out this morning and the sun was already cooking. The lizards were warming in the sun.




Where is this, you ask. Well, Mr. U has started a metal recycle area in the way back. Thank goodness we can’t see it from the house. I guess the pipes were heating up and the lizards were enjoying the warmth. The blackberries are very abundant this year. All the rain has given us a bumper crop. They taste pretty good right off the bush.



And in case you are wondering, I ate the ones in the pictures. I could pick them and make a cobbler, but I am finding them more enjoyable when they are warmed by the morning sun and popped right into the mouth.  The wild morning glory is not doing much this year. One little blue bloom this morning.


There is an empty bird’s nest in one of the grape vines. This is a muscadine grape. If we don’t cut back this winter it will soon be wild.


The dragonflies are everywhere. I don’t think these are the ones that eat mosquitos. the mosquito hawks are big and black and seem to fly in groups. I will have to try to get out at dusk and capture them on film. I don’t know what these other ones eat, but they like to hang out by the blackberries.



Have a great day and get out and enjoy the weather. Oh, one more picture. Baby Beau wanted his picture taken. He is an American Bulldog and is an eighty pound baby.



Oops. Just realized I didn’t even show you any flowers. I don’t know what these are they just come up every year. They spread like ground cover. I should show you a picture of all of them. Next time.


I don’t know what these little white flowers are either. We have a lot of volunteers coming up this year. Do you see the those little black things on the leaf? Are those some kind of eggs. I magnified this picture about a zillion times if that gives you an idea how tiny those little eggs are.


My Sunday Garden – Blackberries and Dragons

I almost can’t stand to go outside. The yellow flies are horrific. If you don’t know about these terrible insects, you are lucky. They bite something awful and the bite swells up and itches like crazy.

I did go out to get these awesome garden pictures and yes I get bit at least 4 times. OUch.  I don’t have many flowers blooming at the moment except for the knockout roses.

spider posture

These little green spiders just love knock-out roses.

Yes, as you can see it is raining again. Our yard is starting to look like a jungle. I would rather have that than a drought. So, I will stop complaining.

The wild blackberries are turning. This is where I get bit several times by those horrible yellow flies.


These are growing in a log pile. Mr. U was back there with me and kept reminding me, “watch out for snakes” thanks Mr. U


I tried a few while I was back there. Yummy

Remember the first time I showed you the grapes? Mid April they looked like this

new grapes1


Well, look at them now.



These are purple grapes. I know that fox (I showed you last Sunday) is checking them out and look what else I found up around the grapes and the blackberries.


Do you know what that is? Deer poop. Looks like at least one has been up eating blackberries. I don’t know if they like grapes? I hope not.

I am getting bit like crazy, so I am scurrying around to take a few more shots. Here is a neon blue dragonfly


You know if I would get some batteries for my real camera, I could get some better shots for me and you. Maybe, I will get to that this week.

Did I mention Mr. Understanding was out back with me. He had a present for me. Look how awesome


It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Aren’t those the best flag holders you have ever seen. I know they are just iron pipes, but the color and the rust. I love it. Wouldn’t a little plant look cute in one of them? You might see these again. Just saying. Mr. U said he didn’t realize he had brought me a gift. I think he was going to drop these in his recycling pile. I am going to think he brought them home special for me. He is just shaking his head. He is so understanding.

Here are a couple more pics from today’s walk through the garden



june knockout


Ok, I gotta go scratch my yellow fly bites. Enjoy the day.




My Sunday Garden – Bugs and Blooms and a Fox

I was up and out this morning by 6:45 am. The sun is up early now and it gets me up. Holiday weekends have a different feel to them, don’t you think so? I could hear the cows across the way mooing for their breakfast, an owl hooting somewhere, and my neighbor’s little dog yapping to go out.

Then I heard an unusual whirring sound. What was making that noise? I listened harder. The birds were all singing and whistling their morning songs but, still I could hear a whirring mechanical sound.

For the moment I was just going to ignore the sound and check on my plants. It has been so hot the last couple of days so I know some of the plants are going to need some extra water.

I went around to the side yard first and look who’s back.


Yep, summer is definitely on it’s way if these pesky grasshoppers are back. We used to have a little red eared slider turtle that loved to eat these things. A few years back we gifted him (Swimmy) to a friend who has two young sons. I think he is probably much happier.

The youngster had gotten him when he was the size of a quarter and loved him to pieces. He grew (the youngster and the turtle) until the days came when the youngster was no longer interested in the turtle. By that time the turtle was in a 30 gallon tank and the size of a dessert plate.

Probably got that big by eating the above pictured pest.

Anyway, I let this one live (the grasshopper) but, I will have to do some kind of control because these things will eat every leaf off a plant. Then I came across more trouble. What is this. I am going to have to encourage Mr. Understanding to take some action on all these trouble spots.


That does not look like anything good to me. What do you think is in there?

Well, let’s look at something pretty and not think about it right now. I am still hearing that noise.


Now isn’t this gladiola a much prettier sight than that ugly grasshopper? The Glads are starting to burst their blooms. I know a lot of folks are not fans of this flower but, I think they are interesting and they don’t require much of my energy. I am going to have to thin them out this year; I am just not sure what time of the year that should happen. Got any idea?

do you see thisd

Are you kidding me. I didn’t even see this thing until after I took the picture. What has it been eating to get that big!


Ok, this one I like. No, I didn’t take this one in the early morning. It was yesterday during the hottest part of the day. I wonder where these guys hide away at night? They will be out in swarms in the heat of the day. I will try to find some batteries for my “real camera” so I can get some more shots of them. My pictures today were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Not bad as long as there is sufficient light.


Alright, the noise is definitely louder down here on Hamster Hill. Yes, we have a hamster graveyard. We have had some elaborate funerals for these little guys. You know hamsters only live a few years. We have a metal hamster wheel buried somewhere around here. The daylilies seem to enjoy it.

What is that noise. Oh, now I see. The folks across the road have a giant 25 ft high blowup water slide in their backyard. I can just see the tip of it over their house. That is the generator making that sound. Guess, I didn’t hear it yesterday with all the garage sale stuff going on.

No, I am not going to show you a picture of the slide. Ok, if you insist. Hold on while I go out and get the picture.

Alright, here is the picture. No sound but, as you look at the picture make a whirring humming sound and you will get the “whole picture.”


Hey, you wanted to see it remember? Good thing I went back to take this picture because I found another dragonfly pic that you might like. I like it.


While I was down on Hamster Hill looking at the daylilies I came across another problem. Maybe, I should reconsider these Sunday morning strolls. I guess the mocking birds find this fence a lovely place to sit and do their business. We don’t have telephone lines so I guess this is the next best place for them.

pooponthe fenced

I don’t want this to be your last thought about my post today so let’s see what else I have

Golden lantana



How about a cute chicken. Why did the chicken make me think of a fox? I know, Mr. U took a picture of fox that was in our way back yard yesterday. Let me go get that. Hold on. He took it with his cell.

The Fox den along with my little vintage fox

The Fox den along with my little vintage fox

No this is not the real fox it is one of my little vintage foxes. Hold on here is the real one:


Pretty awesome. Wish I would have seen him. Wonder if he is checking out the chickens or the grapes?

Enjoy the day.





Something is Lurking in My Garden

Went out to check the gardens this morning. The day is beautiful sunny and bright but, the grass is very damp and I was bare footed.

Everything was looking lovely until I started noticing, something is lurking around the garden.

mocking bird nest

mocking bird nest

More about this nest in a moment. First, someone or something has been digging holes all over the place as evidenced by this big hole

big hole1

The girl washing her dog in one of the bird baths didn’t appear to be alarmed by the mysterious happenings going on in the garden. What can I say, she washes that dog a lot.


What is this orb thing? Now, I am trying to decide if this is an egg for a bunch of horrible garden pests that are going to pop out and eat all my summer flowers, or is it a little sweet incubator for good bugs? The question is, do I do away with now or take my chances and let whatever hatch out?


Well, I moved on to look at the lantana which is starting to send out some pretty blooms. This is a great summer bloomer and adds lots of color.

When I went to crop the picture what did I spot. Do you see him? I had my nose right down there taking the picture and didn’t even notice. You know this is Florida and as the summer progresses I will probably be showing you just as many bugs as I do flowers.

nice and tiny

How about the mint? This stuff grows like a weed but, I love it. I pinch it off and give it a little chew and it takes me back to when  I lived in Morrocco as a young girl. Here is mint tea check out this post, she is talking about Tunisia which is also in North Africa. Interesting read

mint tea

Well now, let’s get back to the lurker. Oh, let me show you my mint. I have it in a pot so it does not take over the garden


yes, those are very raggedy marigolds in there with the mint. Trying to revive them. I left them in their little pots from the store and they almost withered away. Sorry, I have been busy with inside projects. We can discuss those later.


Is this my lurker?

I don’t think so. He pretty much stays put right here

Let’s stop looking for the lurker for a few moments  and enjoy some beauty. This ligustrum is so fragrant. I smell it and the wild honeysuckle all down our road. Wish I could bottle it up for winter. Yes, I could buy that scent but, we know it is not the same as the real thing.
My Queen Elizabeth bloomed out last Sunday, right in time for Mother’s Day. Mr. U gave me this rose for Mother’s Day when the youngster was born and surprise, this Mother’s Day the youngster brought home a rose he picked out for me

St Patrick hybrid tea rose

St Patrick hybrid tea rose

I need to get this beauty into the ground.


We have bird’s nests everywhere. This one is up in one of the East Palatka holly trees. These are ornamental holly trees that can be cut into topiaries. You see I stress the “can be cut” we just can’t keep up with that kind of maintenance so, the best we can do is a nice cone shape. We have 6 of these, and I like them because of the lovely red berries they get for the Fall and Winter months.

I have not discovered what is lurking around but, I did check out the mocking bird nest that I showed you at the beginning (it is in a Japanese plum tree) and the eggs are gone! Not, cracked like the birds hatched but, truly gone. The nest is empty. I took the picture with the eggs this past Monday and now no eggs, birds, just empty. Weird.

I will let you know if I figure out what’s out there.

Enjoy your day


Sunday Garden – Pulaski Nursery

Well the weather is beautiful today. The rain is gone but, the yard is still soggy. Mr. Understanding is looking for a green grape to add to his vineyard so after breakfast with some of the family, we took a little drive over to a local nursery.

Enjoyed a nice breakfast with the Middles and the youngster. Do you see Mr. U in the window taking the picture?

Enjoyed a nice breakfast with the Middles and the youngster. Do you see Mr. U in the window taking the picture?

Me and the grand

Me and the grand

Breakfast with the family was fun. However the nursery we went to did not have the type of grape Mr. U is looking for but, I took pictures of some of their flowering plants.

Peace Rose

Peace Rose


an old fashioned favorite bleeding heart

an old fashioned favorite bleeding heart


fiery hibiscus

fiery hibiscus

bottle Brush shrub great for those wet areas of your yard

bottle Brush shrub great for those wet areas of your yard

Awesome smelling gardenias Always reminds of me of bubble gum

Awesome smelling gardenias Always reminds of me of bubble gum

Mardi Gras rose

Mardi Gras rose

Oleander these are evergreen and leaves are poisonous, sharp and pointy

Oleander these are evergreen and leaves are poisonous, sharp and pointy

Nice bromeliad

Nice bromeliad

ornamental sweet potato vines a great ground cover

ornamental sweet potato vines a great ground cover

Enjoy your Sunday



Almost Missed This Bloom – Sunday Garden

I have been keeping an eye on my old fashioned climbing rose and somehow I almost missed the bloom. Someone told me this rose is called Mr.Dewey? Not sure but, I do know it came from my Grandmother’s garden up in Georgia. The ligustrums are flowering and the bushes are full of bumble bees. I don’t really have a camera that will catch a bee. You know I am not really much of a photographer, I just love my garden so I do the best I can:)

Here are a few pictures I got today



red ted

Here is the ligustrum bloom


And I have one more for you, a champagne iris  that came from my Grandmother’s garden. I have trouble getting the yellow colors. I am surprised these iris bloom at all since it doesn’t really get cold enough in the winter


enjoy the day