Vintage Friday – Look What We Found

Wow. Where has the week zipped off to? We had a garage sale this past weekend at a friend’s house (Jeno)  and today I am having another sale at my house. Last weekend was beautiful not to hot weather. Today it is stinking hot outside 90 by 11:00 am

Jeno got this out to show me but, said he could not part with them....yet

Jeno got this out to show me but, said he could not part with them….yet

Who is Jeno? He is a friend of mine. I took some of my treasures to his house this past weekend for a garage sale

Jeno and Christine. Christine was buying. She is another friend from Southern Crossing

Jeno and Christine. Christine was buying. She is another friend from Southern Crossing

Here is some of the great stuff she bought from us

oyster shell mirror

oyster shell mirror

vintage croquet set

vintage croquet set

Jeno also had this nice oak dresser.

It is old and the drawers were sticking a little bit. People kept looking at it and mentioning the sticky drawer but, you know your drawers are probably going to stick a little when you get old. We couldn’t get a buyer. What! It was only $75 bucks, what is wrong with people, I ask you?

oak dresser

oak dresser

Take a look at these vintage elf heads

No one could see the vision on these either.

wouldn't these look great in a large glass jar

wouldn’t these look great in a large glass jar

You know these elf heads could be used for two holidays, Halloween (gruesome) or Vintage Christmas (sweet)

It was a fun day so I decided, why don’t I have a sale at my house this next weekend (today and tomorrow)

got my signs out

got my signs out

some of my stuff

some of my stuff

I did have a DIY this week but, sorry I only took a picture when I finished. I will tell you how I did it so you can do it to.

Ok here is a pic of the DIY I did this week. No it is not a weddingDIY but, still pretty awesome if you ask me.

faux metal car wall art

faux metal car wall art

I started with a gaggle of matchbox type cars. Yes, more than 10 toy cars is a gaggle. Look it up:) Find yourself a frame. I got lucky this one had a torn up panoramic picture in it and was just the right height for the cars.

How often do you have something that fits exactly? Not often. Anyway, find yourself a frame and a bunch/gaggle of little cars

Glue the cars onto or into the frame. I used my favorite glue E6000. Wait for the glue to dry. This is the hardest part for me.

Once the glue was dry I gave the whole thing a coat of white spray paint. I then asked Mr. U and the youngster what did they think?

They both gave it a thumbs down. Said it looked unfinished. Said it should have some color. What, I just painted over the color. I am trying to elevate these little cars to art status. What do they know. Why did I ask them?

Ok, so the next step was to give the whole thing a coat of aluminum silver spray. Now it looked a little to shiny for me and I did not want a showroom new look since these are “used” cars.

What to do, brush on a coat of black acrylic and then start rubbing it back off. Adds a nice depth to the nooks and crannies.

Voila. I did not ask Mr. U and the youngster this time. I like the way it looks and after all, I am the artist, aren’t I? Ok, let’s see if the customers of Southern Crossing think it is as awesome as I do.


Messed around at my booth a little bit this week

Looks like I must be having "beach thoughts"

Looks like I must be having “beach thoughts”

Oh, I went to a salvage sale and bought 4 seven foot tall “good bones” library stacks. I am so excited, I can’t wait to show you this project. I am bound and determined to have my built-ins. I think this is a great start with the stacks. And the best part, I got them for $1 each. That is not a typo. One American dollar for each one. Next step, get them painted.

$1 each Woohoo

$1 each Woohoo

Did some cooking



and do you know I must have been punished for the great buy on the stacks, because I spent 4 hours of my week waiting on one train or another.

I can’t get to the other side of town without crossing at least 4 busy train tracks. It would not be so bad but, they stop and off load cars which means you just sit and wait. I tried to get around one this morning by taking a “short cut” but because the train was stopping to let the bridge down over the river my so called short cut was backed up to.  Grrrr. I need to remember to bring along a book.

waiting, waiting, wai.....

waiting, waiting, wai…..

And to round the week off the youngster has reinjured his knee and is going to have another MRI. 😦
Enjoy whatever you do this weekend.


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