My Sunday Garden – Springtime March 2015

I have been off my blog for so long they have changed the formatting and now I need to figure out how to add the pictures because I know that is what you are here for, right? Spring is on it’s way here in North Florida for sure, but how about Georgia? Mr. Understanding and I took a quick trip up to North Georgia this past weekend to see my Pops and the lovely younger sister and her husband man.

I was hoping to see the daffodils blooming at the King homestead, but we had missed them. We did see plenty of other people’s blooms along the way. We got off the highway and took the back roads up through Warm Springs and Newnan. Very pretty. Mr. Understanding just wouldn’t go 20 miles an hour so I could take pictures, he said something about other people on the road wanting to go the speed limit or something. He is so understanding. He did stop for a couple of minutes in Warm Springs so I could snap a few pictures.

This is a big snowball bush just starting to bloom. I can only imagine what it must look like when all those lime green flowers burst into white. My kind of snow.



Now the next few are not flowers exactly however they are beauties in their own right. Remember we are driving so I tried my best  to get pictures of these Southern Belles.


I did see a sign on the one below that said something about being built in 1853. I really like the swans guarding the front porch. Ok, I am having trouble with this new format. Grrrr, I can’t stand it when something that was working changes

1853 bright



Eleanor’s Alley is in Warm Springs. We did not get to Roosevelt’s Little White house on this trip. Maybe next time.
At this point I feel like I am working on a project with Mr. Understanding if you know what I mean and if you don’t well you are just plain lucky. You know he did stop in some little town because he needed to stretch his legs. Of course this town was rather non descript except for these cute little wildflowers. I have no idea what they are? Do you?



I wasn’t going to show you these little wild violets yet, but this picture popped in when I put the other one on. What is going on here? I used to be really good at this. Like they say “use it or lose it” I don’t know who “they” are but in this case “they” seem to be correct. How about some of those daffodils I was talking about? The yellow one is from my Florida yard via the King homestead in Georgia and the white ones are at my mother’s home via the King homestead. You know we Southerners like to have living history through our gardens. I didn’t notice the drink cup in the background until just now courtesy of the young’un or Mr. Understanding.

daffodil1white daffs1

I did get a picture of the Forsythias blooming over at the King homestead. You know I can stand it when people cut their forsythias and azaleas into round balls. They look ugly, not natural, and most of the blooms are cut off. Why have them if you are going to force them into some weird shape, just saying.

Here are some in their natural state


What else can I show you this Sunday. I could have taken a million pictures. I love this time of year. I know, I will show you our driveway with the blooming ornamental pear trees. We are back home. Have a great Sunday and I hope Spring is on it’s way to your home.




Right on the Edge of a New Year

This time of year always gets me thinking. What did I accomplish last year? What did I not accomplish? Once I take an inventory of the past year’s wins and fails, I am ready to jump into the New Year. I don’t make resolutions instead I clean house. Not the kind of cleaning you might be thinking of, even though Mr. Understanding would like it to be the kind you are probably thinking about. He is so understanding, still.  No, the kind of cleaning I am referring to is a mental clearing of  the clutter of the past year so that I can have some room to see the New Year breaking through.

Thank you for sharing this past year with me and all the ups and downs of life. I stopped blogging for a few months after the passing of my Mother. Her passing just stopped me cold in my tracks for a while. We have been blessed with longevity in our family and I think I had started to believe my parents would live forever. My father will be 85 in February. I now know even more how lucky I am to still have him.

I hope you will join me this coming New Year and may you find as much joy and happiness as you can stand.


Check back soon, I have some new projects in the works.


My Sunday Garden – Think Pink

I had a little surprise this past week when I pulled up behind Southern Crossing to drop off some goods for my booth. Now it is late October so what I saw was quite surprising.

pinkl Is this a beautiful hibiscus? I don’t know if this is a normal time of year for them to be blooming or not. I can’t resist a pink flower. Here is another shot


Quite stunning if you ask me. Another little surprise this week is my African violet. I have had this plant for about 6 years. I planted it in this fishbowl when it was very little. I never guessed it would decide to grow right up and out of the bowl. I don’t know what to do about it now, so I am not going to do anything unless it starts to look like it is dying. This plant blooms all the time. I have it on a table that faces a north window. It gets bright indirect sunlight everyday. I only water it once every two weeks.



That’s all I have for today. Enjoy


My Sunday Garden – It’s Looking Seedy Around Here

Mid October and the summer garden is just about gone to seed. I walked around in the way back this afternoon and captured a few wild flowers.

What I want to show you about today’s garden is how editing the photos certain ways can really change the perspective.

Now I am no photographer and I don’t even have a camera that will capture images that clearly, but I love to play around with the pictures I take.

Here is the same picture cropped and edited several different ways.

First the original


now the edits

wudk 20141019_1759065 20141019_1759063 20141019_1759062 20141019_1759061

I took all of these pictures with my Samsung tablet.






Last of the zinnias




I am working on some Christmas projects for Southern Crossing hope to show some to you later this week.


Halloween Jacks

Saturday morning and it is a glorious day. I have a little surprise for you today. With so little “art time” on my hands these days I have to carefully choose what I want to work on. For the last three years I have been transforming dollar store plastic pumpkins into unique one of a kind Halloween Art Jacks.

Yes, each one does require a lot of time, but boy are they great fun and the sky’s the limit. You know what I am talking about when I say dollar store pumpkin. They look like this:

orange pumpkin

So, yes this is what I was talking about. The orange buckets that are everywhere this time of year. They are perfectly nice, but you know me I can’t leave well enough alone.

Without further ado let me show you the upgraded orange plastic pumpkin


I love this face. I might translate this face to a snowman series.


And yes, he has his trusty mousetrap. You know for those late night snacks.


This one looks like a voodoo scary man. I got the sparkly top hat back at 4th of July. It had a plastic flag wraparound that was easily removed. Add the spider and voila, Halloween.


See what I mean by voodoo. Looks like he might cast a spell on you!


Ah yes, the would be Pumpkin King. He tries, but none of the other pumpkins really listen. Alright, so I have an imagination. Remember, this kind of art is for FUN.


Looks like the “King” has his life history on his back


I only have a picture of two from last year. I get in such a hurry, I forget to take pictures.


This is one of last year’s little guys. So sweet.


didn’t quite have a steady hand when I took this last year. I was probably in a big hurry, as usual.


The above is a picture of my free library stacks I got back in April. As you can see it is now October and are they built in or painted white like I intended. No and no.

I can’t get Mr. Understanding interested in this project and I need his awesome skills to complete this project. What can I say, he is so understanding.


Just imagine beautiful white shelves. They are coming.

Ok, next couple are pics are from when I was at Target the other day. I took these for inspiration only. Once I looked at the price I knew I would not be buying them, but (hehe) I might be knocking them off in some fashion or form.



Here is a Witchy project I completed recently. I took a Halloween posters and amped it up a few notches. The back board is an old cabinet door I painted to look aged. I then added the poster and did a little more painting to blend it with the cabinet door. I love it. What do you think? I did another one with a different poster, but did I take a picture, no. Sorry


Now for a few Family photos. Oh, so you thought maybe the one above was a family member? Very funny, just wait until you see the next ones.


I have always been enthralled by this picture. This is my eldest sibling. This was taken during the time when you made your own costumes. I am sure someone made this outfit especially for her or who knows maybe it was a hand me down. I should find that out? I don’t know what she was supposed to be exactly, but it is classic as far as I am concerned

I will have to drag out some of our old costumes and show them to you. Well, yes I have saved so many of the old costumes,  doesn’t everyone?

Here is the young’un modelling a mask for me. I thought I might be able to use it on one of my Pumpkin Jacks, but I wanted to see how it look on a human head first. Interesting.


I don’t know who this guy is below. I was just playing around with a picture I took at Southern Crossing. I did a little editing with If you haven’t ever used this photo editor, it is easy fun and free. Just thought I would tell you that. Right now they have some cool Halloween editing you can use on your photos. Just saying.


Hope you enjoyed this little Halloween romp. Enjoy the day. I hear the birds singing outside so I am on my way out.

My Sunday Garden History and Statues

What a beautiful day we are having here in North Florida. The birds are whistling the sky is an incredible blue, there is a gentle cool breeze and we have the windows all open. Rare, I tell you. It is usually either to humid or way to hot for open windows.

I would take a walk about the yard to show you some of what’s blooming, but we have had an incredible amount of rain this past week (6 inches) and so the ground is pure mush. You may or may not know here in Florida when you dig down you hit water at about 3 feet so when we have a lot of rain there is not much place for the water to go.

I had a few minutes this past week to stop and take a couple of pictures (with my Samsung tablet) I have been carrying my camera around, but left it at home on the day I had time to take pictures.

The first couple are of San Marco Square. 1SanMarco This is a picture I got off of a Jacksonville Historical Website. See the fountain right there in the middle. This area was developed in 1925


Here is the fountain as it appears today. The Lions weren’t added until 1997. The original design for San Marco was after Venice’s Piazza San Marco. It is a lovely part of town full of trendy little shops and restaurants and lots of historical homes. twolions




Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

I also, stopped by Memorial Park in Riverside. The next photos are of a bronze statue titled “Life” This park was completed in 1924 and was designed by the Olmsted Bros who also designed Central Park

memorial park


Just look at that beautiful Florida blue sky. There are Eagle statues flanking the main statue


This is a great park right on the St. Johns River. A nice place for a picnic or to let the kids run around.

I just love these wonderful parks we have here in town, just don’t get enough time to enjoy them. Ok, now I want to show you a little more history. This is family history. I was up in Georgia this past week and had a chance to take some pictures of family.

The first one is a picture of my mother, her sisters, mother and my sister. I believe this is circa 1956, before I was born, at a time when my sister was an only child. What do you think? My sweet Aunt Roseanne is on the right of my sister.


My mother is on the left of my sister ( the little cute one standing up). My Grandmother is in the back and on the far left is my lovely Aunt Marty. She is the one who painted the rocks I showed you here

Here is a picture of my Dad with one of his all time favorite cars, and my sister again before I was born.

dads car

That’s enough of my sister. Just kidding. Ok, fast forward to say 1969 – Morrocco. Even though this is a picture of me, the story is about my sister. She got to take horse back riding lessons in the morrocan countryside from a lovely English lady while I got to ride the —-donkey. Who would not budge.  He acted like it was his first time every to nibble fresh Spring greens. What fashion style I had in those days. Not.

me and the donkey

When we first got to Morrocco we lived in a hotel for several months. Mary Poppins the movie had come out and I loved it. My Mother came up with the idea to recreate a scene from the movie. Me as Mary Poppins, my brother as the “Chimney Sweep” and my little sister well, as herself. We are standing on the roof top of the Mamora Hotel in Kenitra Morrocco. My Mother was always so creative
mary poppins

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your Sunday. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the statues we have around town. Oh, the picture at the top of this post is my sister and “her gang.” My sister is towards the right, hands down and looking directly at the camera. Got to love these vintage family photos.







My Sunday Garden – Counting Down the Last Days of Summer

Well, it is the beginning of August. My the Summer has flown by. I get wistful this time of year thinking of all the things I planned back in the Spring before the day time temperatures were 100 and the air was full of moisture so much that if you are outside for more than ten minutes you are soaked from the humidity.

No, the Summer is not gone completely, but school starts back in a couple of weeks for the youngster so if we are going to do anything else, we better do it fast.

The flower garden is going to the bugs, literally. The grasshoppers are taking over. The butterflies are hatching out and the heat and humidity is stressing the summer flowers.

Even so, the zinnias solider on and I have to say next to daisies I love these flowers (even with the insects)

Let’s take a look and see what you think, shall we?

These are Georgia Thumpers or Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers. They can do a lot of damage. The youngster used to catch and dispose of them for me. Can’t hardly get him to come look at them now.


This one is a little different but I think it is the same kind.


Look at the bright green one down in the corner. How can I combat this kind of attack?


orange on orange


the chase









We had a quick visit from the Middles this weekend. We just don’t see enough of them. The little G-man is just a few days away from turning two. Here he is enjoying some ice cream – before dinner at the M Shack. Hey, it is Summer one should eat ice cream as much as possible.


and here are the Middles, looking like their adorable selves.


Hope your Sunday has been restful. Enjoy, go have some ice cream.


Twinkle Lights and Canvas, Repurposed

Since I have been so short on time lately, I am reduced down to quick, but yet still awesome projects. I am having to be more selective and pick projects with a wow factor.

These are the projects that when finished will eventually show up at my space at Southern Crossing or if I ever get truly organized on my Etsy Shop.

I still have long term personal projects going on, that goes without saying. I find having a project or two or three going on is relaxing yet stimulating at the same time. Do you know what I mean?

Well, time is a wasting so let me show you what I have completed lately. I am a decorative painter and one of the things I like to paint on is canvas. I am not talking new canvas, although when I find them for a great price, I do get them. No, I am talking repurposing as in Thrift store canvases that already have something painted on them. See the one below. Not my style but once I paint over it no one will ever know


I just put a new coat of primer on and voila, a fresh canvas ready to go for a fraction of the price. Now a word of caution, you do need to look at these canvases very carefully because sometimes they have lost some of the tightness of a new canvas or they have dents in them.

The two projects I have completed are both repurposed canvases.

First, I sprayed them with black chalkboard paint, yes you heard me chalkboard spray paint.
At this point you could just hang it on the wall and use it as a chalkboard. Did I do that, of course not that would be to easy.

Next step, get a string of white twinkle lights the ones that have 10 -20 lights on a string.

Use a piece of chalk and put dots on the front where you think you want the lights to poke through

See where I have the dots in the left top corner. This is where I want my lights to shine through.

It might be a good idea to write on the canvas also, just to make sure you have room to write and the lights won’t interfere with your message. If you are going to really use it like a chalkboard then I would just keep the lights close to the edge. What? Well, yes you could use it like a chalkboard just use a damp cloth when you want to clean it.

Now on to adding the lights. Very carefully, use the smallest thing possible to make the holes. Remember, you can always make the hole bigger, but it is a bear to try make a hole smaller once you have pierced the canvas. I used a nail and very gently pushed it through the canvas.



Here is the spray painted canvas with my saying written on with chalk. Now I can see where I want the lights. I poked the holes very very  slowly and carefully through the canvas. Slow down, take your time. You get really mess up your canvas at this point. Just saying. For this one I also went back and painted the words on with white acrylic paint. I wanted this to be a more permanent sign.


Now I want to show you the back. I did take hot glue and put a little dab at the base of each light just to keep the lights from moving around or popping out. See on this one I didn’t get my paint on the back edges so you can still the colors of the original canvas.

back of light

This project is great for almost any occasion that you want to add a little glitz and sparkle to. How about at a birthday party, Christmas, Wedding reception (you could light up the Newlywed’s initials in lights).  The possibilities are endless and as I mentioned you don’t have to paint the words on just use chalk and then you could change it as you felt like it.

Look at this chalkboard canvas from Drop Design wouldn’t it be cute with the lights added to the chandys?



Hope you enjoyed this fun project. I am going to make some more hope you make one too.




My (Neighbor’s) Sunday Garden

Here it is Sunday evening. I waited for the early evening to go out and get some pictures of my neighbor’s front garden. She is an avid gardener.

Well, she wasn’t home. Just the cat and her dogs, which were barking up a storm when I went over there. Since she wasn’t home, I am going to tell you right now – I don’t know the names of some of these plants.

Since I waited until dusk, the mosquitos were out in force.

Ok, here we go. This is a Rose of Sharon. I used to have some of these, but they got to much water one summer and they were gone. See my fence? I really am just next door.



We always had this flower when I was a child. I used to make dolls out of them. See the big buds? I used them for the doll head and the flower was the dress, tie it together with some dandelion and clover stems – use your imagination.


She has a couple of fountain/sculptures in her garden.


Her garden is like mine, very hodge podge. She actually spends a lot of time to give it the casual look.


Her little cat surprised me or I surprised him. I had to coax him back to get the picture. Cute


The smell of these four o’clock flowers is incredible. Very sweet smelling

She has peppers and tomatoes in pots on the front patio.


Ok, here is one of those plants I don’t know the name of. It is a pretty mean looking plant, just saying. To me it looks related to a holly?


Her Caladiums are growing in the pots they came in. Pretty cool looking succulent.


This two tone Vinca is pretty. I was looking it up and found out it is poisonous and I think the Caladiums are too.


The Vinca grows like a weed and enjoys the hot dry weather.


I have no clue what these yellow flowers are, but they are pretty awesome.

The neighbor has this great little pond with a cool poured concrete leaf fountain, but the mosquitos will eat you up over here. She has a couple of Koi in the pond. Sorry not pictures.


What about these sweet little “lemon slice” petunias. I remember when she got these she said they will come back next year. Looks like she needs to do a little weeding. Just saying. Ok, I take that back after all she is nice enough to let me photograph her garden, weeds and all. Oops, there I go again. Thanks neighbor your garden is awesome.


Ok, back in my yard, no she did not kick me out. Remember, she is not home. Anyway, back in my yard the crepe myrtles are in full bloom. Yes, the neighbor has some beautiful crepe myrtles, but the mosquitos were really getting me.


Here is a picture of my Palatka holly. I wonder what took a bite out of the leaf. I hope you enjoyed visiting my neighbor’s garden. I will have to sneak back over there in a few months. Did I say sneak, I did not sneak over there I am sure all the other neighbors saw me over there and were wondering what I was up to. Trust me she will know I was there.


Have a great Sunday. Enjoy the day. Oh, and what do you think about the dragonfly sitting on the top of her well?