My Sunday Garden – Springtime March 2015

I have been off my blog for so long they have changed the formatting and now I need to figure out how to add the pictures because I know that is what you are here for, right? Spring is on it’s way here in North Florida for sure, but how about Georgia? Mr. Understanding and I took a quick trip up to North Georgia this past weekend to see my Pops and the lovely younger sister and her husband man.

I was hoping to see the daffodils blooming at the King homestead, but we had missed them. We did see plenty of other people’s blooms along the way. We got off the highway and took the back roads up through Warm Springs and Newnan. Very pretty. Mr. Understanding just wouldn’t go 20 miles an hour so I could take pictures, he said something about other people on the road wanting to go the speed limit or something. He is so understanding. He did stop for a couple of minutes in Warm Springs so I could snap a few pictures.

This is a big snowball bush just starting to bloom. I can only imagine what it must look like when all those lime green flowers burst into white. My kind of snow.



Now the next few are not flowers exactly however they are beauties in their own right. Remember we are driving so I tried my best  to get pictures of these Southern Belles.


I did see a sign on the one below that said something about being built in 1853. I really like the swans guarding the front porch. Ok, I am having trouble with this new format. Grrrr, I can’t stand it when something that was working changes

1853 bright



Eleanor’s Alley is in Warm Springs. We did not get to Roosevelt’s Little White house on this trip. Maybe next time.
At this point I feel like I am working on a project with Mr. Understanding if you know what I mean and if you don’t well you are just plain lucky. You know he did stop in some little town because he needed to stretch his legs. Of course this town was rather non descript except for these cute little wildflowers. I have no idea what they are? Do you?



I wasn’t going to show you these little wild violets yet, but this picture popped in when I put the other one on. What is going on here? I used to be really good at this. Like they say “use it or lose it” I don’t know who “they” are but in this case “they” seem to be correct. How about some of those daffodils I was talking about? The yellow one is from my Florida yard via the King homestead in Georgia and the white ones are at my mother’s home via the King homestead. You know we Southerners like to have living history through our gardens. I didn’t notice the drink cup in the background until just now courtesy of the young’un or Mr. Understanding.

daffodil1white daffs1

I did get a picture of the Forsythias blooming over at the King homestead. You know I can stand it when people cut their forsythias and azaleas into round balls. They look ugly, not natural, and most of the blooms are cut off. Why have them if you are going to force them into some weird shape, just saying.

Here are some in their natural state


What else can I show you this Sunday. I could have taken a million pictures. I love this time of year. I know, I will show you our driveway with the blooming ornamental pear trees. We are back home. Have a great Sunday and I hope Spring is on it’s way to your home.




Right on the Edge of a New Year

This time of year always gets me thinking. What did I accomplish last year? What did I not accomplish? Once I take an inventory of the past year’s wins and fails, I am ready to jump into the New Year. I don’t make resolutions instead I clean house. Not the kind of cleaning you might be thinking of, even though Mr. Understanding would like it to be the kind you are probably thinking about. He is so understanding, still.  No, the kind of cleaning I am referring to is a mental clearing of  the clutter of the past year so that I can have some room to see the New Year breaking through.

Thank you for sharing this past year with me and all the ups and downs of life. I stopped blogging for a few months after the passing of my Mother. Her passing just stopped me cold in my tracks for a while. We have been blessed with longevity in our family and I think I had started to believe my parents would live forever. My father will be 85 in February. I now know even more how lucky I am to still have him.

I hope you will join me this coming New Year and may you find as much joy and happiness as you can stand.


Check back soon, I have some new projects in the works.


Vintage Friday – Aluminum Patio Furniture

Big Breath, let it out slowly……It’s finally Friday. Now I don’t know how your schedule is these days, but we here at Three Painted Owls just do not have enough down time. It is Summer we are supposed to be laid back and lazy. Not.

Instead we try to grab every ounce of daylight, that is when we are not working our tails off. Ok, yes, we have been getting down to the beach, as evidenced by some of my recent posts, but not enough that’s for sure.

Since we are wanting to kick back what would be better for this Friday than some mid-century aluminum and wood patio furniture.

First, I want to tell you this funny little thing. To show you these pictures today I had to snap the shots, right? Well, I didn’t want to just take a picture, of course not, I have to stage my shot.

Ok, so I get home around 8 pm last night. You gotta love Summer, it is still daylight at 8 pm. Awesome.

Anyway, I get home and start taking things out to get my shot and I have to say, it looks really cute. I will show you in a minute. Hold your horses. So, I get it all set up take the shots and then I think, this is really nice so, I sit down and enjoy the sunset. Well, about that time who comes outside? Mr. U of course and what does he say? What are you doing with all that awesome stuff (read between the lines awesome stuff = junk) here in the front yard and why are you just sitting there?

Did I ever mention, he is so understanding? Well, I think to myself, doesn’t he remember my little ol’ blog that I love so much and doesn’t he see this beautiful sunset and doesn’t he know we are supposed to be trying to enjoy the Summer before it slips away? Nope, he just wants to know if I am leaving all that stuff out there? He is so understanding.

I would love to leave “the stuff” out there, but I am going to sell this awesome set so I don’t want it to get icky. That’s what happens when you leave stuff outside in Florida it gets icky. You know blazing sun, rain, sun, rain, sun…. get the picture?

Ok, enough said the first pictures are my things and then I found some more pictures and the only credit I can give on them are ebay and etsy. I did try to go to the etsy, but I guess their store is closed. Enjoy.


Told you this stuff is awesome. Nice folding chair and a great fold up rolling cart. Perfect for a cook out and so light weight.


The next ones are like I said ebay and an Etsy one. Bet you can figure out the Etsy.




Yep, if you guessed this last one for Etsy, you are right. The prices that I have seen personally on this outdoor furniture is very reasonable, so if you are a mid-century decorator you should definitely indulge.

Now for that sunset I was mentioning earlier.


No rain this afternoon so we had a great sunset and one more summer picture. I will show more of these on Sunday


Summer flowers, love them.

Alright, one last tidbit. I am working on projects. Here is an almost before. I painted it before I thought about taking a picture. This is made out of metal. Lucky 7. I will show you the finished sometime next week.


Enjoy the day and find somewhere to sit and relax for a minute.









My Sunday Garden – When Nothing Goes Right, Go to the Beach

Sunday is a day of rest, right? Well, I have been in a rat race lately. I haven’t had time to do anything I want to do so, today we are heading to the beach to regroup.

I have some awesome projects started, but nothing far enough along to show you. The garden is about shot what with the heat and now the daily thunder boomers. We had 3 inches of rain Friday afternoon.

Let’s all just put our toes in the sand this afternoon and…..


We got to the beach and I thought ahhhh, this will be nice I brought my camera there are some waves today and wow look at the clouds. My camera won’t turn on. What? Last time I went to use it, when we were at Disney for the 4th of July, I had forgotten the memory card so no great Disney pics. What now?

I had taken two of the batteries out to use in my wireless mouse. Darn it. So the pictures are from my handy Samsung tablet. Not bad, but I was hoping for fantastic.

Mr. Understanding did go to the beach with us today. He is not always one for spontaneity so the youngster and I were pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday Beach day


Yes, that is the youngster’s head out there


Next is the elusive Mr. U. He won’t ever look directly at the camera and if he does he won’t smile.


There were a lot of people at the beach today I was just able to get a shot in between



Sea oats. The tide was high when we got there this morning so we were sitting back by the dunes.

I made this little “BEACH” art for you while we were there. Cute huh?


Bunch of broken shells. It is a good thing we got up and went early because now it is pouring rain outside. I think it is supposed to do this everyday this week:(

I do have a couple of pics of the zinnias



Oh, and I have this picture to show you. I am still taking the youngster to physical therapy for his knee. We stopped on the way there this past Thursday and saw this by the place we stopped at to get a snack.


Yes, the kind of art I love. Repurposed! Pretty cool.

Don’t have anything else for you at the moment. Enjoy and I think Germany is about to Win the World Cup




My Sunday Garden – Fire in the Sky

You know I try to get out early to photograph my garden well, today is Father’s Day so the schedule got changed up a bit. Lucky I waited till the evening or I wouldn’t have these great shots to share with you.

First, I noticed the other day some black and yellow garden spiders had taken up residence on the gladiolus. That’s cool I thought and got my camera for a few shots.



Pretty neat, huh? Anyway, I noticed three of them all kind of close together so I thought, they must all be from the same family. Maybe, that big yellow furry ball I showed you a few weeks ago was their egg? Is it called a spider egg? Well, this evening when I went out to get some garden pics I took a look to see if anything was new with the spiders and boy howdy.

Look at this.

spider ate the spider

Somebody decided to get rid of his neighbor. Do you see the spider legs. This is very creepy to me. I almost wish they would all just leave. I thought they were friendly, but instead….. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Let’s think about……ponies for a few minutes.


Ok, I feel better.


I have a snapdragon blooming which is really odd since it is the middle of June, in Florida.


My zinnias are a little slow this year. They are just starting to bloom and with all this rain the leaves are getting a little rusty.

orange curl

Daylilies are still looking awesome, see the raindrops? We have a big thunder storms every afternoon. Makes it very humid and wet.


The crepe myrtles are starting to bloom. You will get sick of seeing my pics of them, I am sure.

just rained

Did I mention, it just got done raining. I thought maybe we would have a rainbow since the sun was still out. No rainbow today, but just look at this sky.




Did I tell you, it has been raining every afternoon. Guess, that is why they say Florida is sub-tropical.


Still have roses blooming, you are probably tired of seeing them.


Hope you were able to spend a little time with your family today. Enjoy.

Mr. Understanding didn’t get to enjoy much of the weekend since he had to work for most of it. The youngster did get him a card and some cologne. Mr. U wanted to know if we thought it was his birthday. He is so silly sometimes, but very understanding.


My Sunday Garden – Blackberries and Dragons

I almost can’t stand to go outside. The yellow flies are horrific. If you don’t know about these terrible insects, you are lucky. They bite something awful and the bite swells up and itches like crazy.

I did go out to get these awesome garden pictures and yes I get bit at least 4 times. OUch.  I don’t have many flowers blooming at the moment except for the knockout roses.

spider posture

These little green spiders just love knock-out roses.

Yes, as you can see it is raining again. Our yard is starting to look like a jungle. I would rather have that than a drought. So, I will stop complaining.

The wild blackberries are turning. This is where I get bit several times by those horrible yellow flies.


These are growing in a log pile. Mr. U was back there with me and kept reminding me, “watch out for snakes” thanks Mr. U


I tried a few while I was back there. Yummy

Remember the first time I showed you the grapes? Mid April they looked like this

new grapes1


Well, look at them now.



These are purple grapes. I know that fox (I showed you last Sunday) is checking them out and look what else I found up around the grapes and the blackberries.


Do you know what that is? Deer poop. Looks like at least one has been up eating blackberries. I don’t know if they like grapes? I hope not.

I am getting bit like crazy, so I am scurrying around to take a few more shots. Here is a neon blue dragonfly


You know if I would get some batteries for my real camera, I could get some better shots for me and you. Maybe, I will get to that this week.

Did I mention Mr. Understanding was out back with me. He had a present for me. Look how awesome


It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Aren’t those the best flag holders you have ever seen. I know they are just iron pipes, but the color and the rust. I love it. Wouldn’t a little plant look cute in one of them? You might see these again. Just saying. Mr. U said he didn’t realize he had brought me a gift. I think he was going to drop these in his recycling pile. I am going to think he brought them home special for me. He is just shaking his head. He is so understanding.

Here are a couple more pics from today’s walk through the garden



june knockout


Ok, I gotta go scratch my yellow fly bites. Enjoy the day.




Damsel in Distress Before and After

What a day. Started at 4:00 am. Up to get the youngster off on a end-of-year field trip. It is now going on 8 pm and do not expect them back before 9 ish. I wonder if anyone will notice if I take a nap in the school parking lot while I am awaiting his return?  I want to tell you about this awesome transformation. Actually, I would really like to take that nap.

Just kidding, sort of. I know the title of this post is about a Damsel in Distress Before and After. I am getting to it..

This took place last Saturday morning. Continue reading

My Sunday Garden – Bugs and Blooms and a Fox

I was up and out this morning by 6:45 am. The sun is up early now and it gets me up. Holiday weekends have a different feel to them, don’t you think so? I could hear the cows across the way mooing for their breakfast, an owl hooting somewhere, and my neighbor’s little dog yapping to go out.

Then I heard an unusual whirring sound. What was making that noise? I listened harder. The birds were all singing and whistling their morning songs but, still I could hear a whirring mechanical sound.

For the moment I was just going to ignore the sound and check on my plants. It has been so hot the last couple of days so I know some of the plants are going to need some extra water.

I went around to the side yard first and look who’s back.


Yep, summer is definitely on it’s way if these pesky grasshoppers are back. We used to have a little red eared slider turtle that loved to eat these things. A few years back we gifted him (Swimmy) to a friend who has two young sons. I think he is probably much happier.

The youngster had gotten him when he was the size of a quarter and loved him to pieces. He grew (the youngster and the turtle) until the days came when the youngster was no longer interested in the turtle. By that time the turtle was in a 30 gallon tank and the size of a dessert plate.

Probably got that big by eating the above pictured pest.

Anyway, I let this one live (the grasshopper) but, I will have to do some kind of control because these things will eat every leaf off a plant. Then I came across more trouble. What is this. I am going to have to encourage Mr. Understanding to take some action on all these trouble spots.


That does not look like anything good to me. What do you think is in there?

Well, let’s look at something pretty and not think about it right now. I am still hearing that noise.


Now isn’t this gladiola a much prettier sight than that ugly grasshopper? The Glads are starting to burst their blooms. I know a lot of folks are not fans of this flower but, I think they are interesting and they don’t require much of my energy. I am going to have to thin them out this year; I am just not sure what time of the year that should happen. Got any idea?

do you see thisd

Are you kidding me. I didn’t even see this thing until after I took the picture. What has it been eating to get that big!


Ok, this one I like. No, I didn’t take this one in the early morning. It was yesterday during the hottest part of the day. I wonder where these guys hide away at night? They will be out in swarms in the heat of the day. I will try to find some batteries for my “real camera” so I can get some more shots of them. My pictures today were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Not bad as long as there is sufficient light.


Alright, the noise is definitely louder down here on Hamster Hill. Yes, we have a hamster graveyard. We have had some elaborate funerals for these little guys. You know hamsters only live a few years. We have a metal hamster wheel buried somewhere around here. The daylilies seem to enjoy it.

What is that noise. Oh, now I see. The folks across the road have a giant 25 ft high blowup water slide in their backyard. I can just see the tip of it over their house. That is the generator making that sound. Guess, I didn’t hear it yesterday with all the garage sale stuff going on.

No, I am not going to show you a picture of the slide. Ok, if you insist. Hold on while I go out and get the picture.

Alright, here is the picture. No sound but, as you look at the picture make a whirring humming sound and you will get the “whole picture.”


Hey, you wanted to see it remember? Good thing I went back to take this picture because I found another dragonfly pic that you might like. I like it.


While I was down on Hamster Hill looking at the daylilies I came across another problem. Maybe, I should reconsider these Sunday morning strolls. I guess the mocking birds find this fence a lovely place to sit and do their business. We don’t have telephone lines so I guess this is the next best place for them.

pooponthe fenced

I don’t want this to be your last thought about my post today so let’s see what else I have

Golden lantana



How about a cute chicken. Why did the chicken make me think of a fox? I know, Mr. U took a picture of fox that was in our way back yard yesterday. Let me go get that. Hold on. He took it with his cell.

The Fox den along with my little vintage fox

The Fox den along with my little vintage fox

No this is not the real fox it is one of my little vintage foxes. Hold on here is the real one:


Pretty awesome. Wish I would have seen him. Wonder if he is checking out the chickens or the grapes?

Enjoy the day.





Vintage Friday – Look What We Found

Wow. Where has the week zipped off to? We had a garage sale this past weekend at a friend’s house (Jeno)  and today I am having another sale at my house. Last weekend was beautiful not to hot weather. Today it is stinking hot outside 90 by 11:00 am

Jeno got this out to show me but, said he could not part with them....yet

Jeno got this out to show me but, said he could not part with them….yet

Who is Jeno? He is a friend of mine. I took some of my treasures to his house this past weekend for a garage sale

Jeno and Christine. Christine was buying. She is another friend from Southern Crossing

Jeno and Christine. Christine was buying. She is another friend from Southern Crossing

Here is some of the great stuff she bought from us

oyster shell mirror

oyster shell mirror

vintage croquet set

vintage croquet set

Jeno also had this nice oak dresser.

It is old and the drawers were sticking a little bit. People kept looking at it and mentioning the sticky drawer but, you know your drawers are probably going to stick a little when you get old. We couldn’t get a buyer. What! It was only $75 bucks, what is wrong with people, I ask you?

oak dresser

oak dresser

Take a look at these vintage elf heads

No one could see the vision on these either.

wouldn't these look great in a large glass jar

wouldn’t these look great in a large glass jar

You know these elf heads could be used for two holidays, Halloween (gruesome) or Vintage Christmas (sweet)

It was a fun day so I decided, why don’t I have a sale at my house this next weekend (today and tomorrow)

got my signs out

got my signs out

some of my stuff

some of my stuff

I did have a DIY this week but, sorry I only took a picture when I finished. I will tell you how I did it so you can do it to.

Ok here is a pic of the DIY I did this week. No it is not a weddingDIY but, still pretty awesome if you ask me.

faux metal car wall art

faux metal car wall art

I started with a gaggle of matchbox type cars. Yes, more than 10 toy cars is a gaggle. Look it up:) Find yourself a frame. I got lucky this one had a torn up panoramic picture in it and was just the right height for the cars.

How often do you have something that fits exactly? Not often. Anyway, find yourself a frame and a bunch/gaggle of little cars

Glue the cars onto or into the frame. I used my favorite glue E6000. Wait for the glue to dry. This is the hardest part for me.

Once the glue was dry I gave the whole thing a coat of white spray paint. I then asked Mr. U and the youngster what did they think?

They both gave it a thumbs down. Said it looked unfinished. Said it should have some color. What, I just painted over the color. I am trying to elevate these little cars to art status. What do they know. Why did I ask them?

Ok, so the next step was to give the whole thing a coat of aluminum silver spray. Now it looked a little to shiny for me and I did not want a showroom new look since these are “used” cars.

What to do, brush on a coat of black acrylic and then start rubbing it back off. Adds a nice depth to the nooks and crannies.

Voila. I did not ask Mr. U and the youngster this time. I like the way it looks and after all, I am the artist, aren’t I? Ok, let’s see if the customers of Southern Crossing think it is as awesome as I do.


Messed around at my booth a little bit this week

Looks like I must be having "beach thoughts"

Looks like I must be having “beach thoughts”

Oh, I went to a salvage sale and bought 4 seven foot tall “good bones” library stacks. I am so excited, I can’t wait to show you this project. I am bound and determined to have my built-ins. I think this is a great start with the stacks. And the best part, I got them for $1 each. That is not a typo. One American dollar for each one. Next step, get them painted.

$1 each Woohoo

$1 each Woohoo

Did some cooking



and do you know I must have been punished for the great buy on the stacks, because I spent 4 hours of my week waiting on one train or another.

I can’t get to the other side of town without crossing at least 4 busy train tracks. It would not be so bad but, they stop and off load cars which means you just sit and wait. I tried to get around one this morning by taking a “short cut” but because the train was stopping to let the bridge down over the river my so called short cut was backed up to.  Grrrr. I need to remember to bring along a book.

waiting, waiting, wai.....

waiting, waiting, wai…..

And to round the week off the youngster has reinjured his knee and is going to have another MRI. 😦
Enjoy whatever you do this weekend.

Projects In the Works – Chalkboards and Mirrors

I never start one project at a time. No, I have to start 2,3,4….why, it’s just the way I work. I guess one project feeds off another. It drives Mr. Understanding crazy. It goes something like this, Him- don’t start another project, you already have this other stuff going. Me – it’s only going to take a minute to get this stuff done and….. on and on it goes. He is so understanding and did I mention he is a carpenter too!

I have been picking up drawers lately. Usually, they get a nice paint color and the inside is painted with chalkboard paint, very sweet.

Drawer repurposed into chalkboard

Drawer repurposed into chalkboard

Well, that is great and I like the look but, I thought what else could weI do with the drawers. Bingo, how about a mirror? To bad we didn’t  have a mirror lying around that would fit in the drawer. Oh, how about if we cut a mirror to fit?

No, no, no. Guess who said that? Right, Mr. U.

First, he said we don’t have a mirror and second we don’t have the tools.

Voila, I said as I pulled out a huge sheet of mirror. I saved it from when we changed out the mirrors in the powder room.

He wasn’t ready to give up yet. We don’t have the tools he said.

I pulled up good ol’ youtube and guess what? All you need is one little cutting tool. Next thing you know we are in the parking lot of our home improvement store and Mr. U is loading potting soil, fertilizer, paint, plants, and one little glass cutting tool into the back of his truck.

Well you know you can’t burn gas to go get just one little thing.

Anyway, you should have seen us out there. It was about 100 degrees the mirror is blinding us and we  no just me is trying to figure out which way is up on this cutting tool. Did I mention Mr. U had gone back in the house shaking his head muttering something about, people starting projects that don’t know what they are doing? He is so understanding, just saying.

I got him back out there. After all I needed someone to get the correct measurements.

So, this is where the project stands

got the mirror cut

got the mirror cut

got the mirror cut, (it is dirty not cracked) Now I just need to silicone it into the drawer after I give the drawer a little dry brushing with some paint. Then I am going to use some cording to go around the cut edge of the mirror. One thing about this drawer, it stands up very nicely.

Show you the finished one later.

Well, I saw one of my thrifting pals yesterday and was telling her about the drawer and how I need some cord to edge it.

She said she had a stash of cord and I should come check it out.  So I did. Why am I telling you this? Because, I want to show you some mirrors she embellished with vintage buttons.

Now be warned, I only had my phone so the pictures are good but, not stellar





Pretty cool, huh? I thought so. She also edged a chalkboard she made

vintage metal buttons

vintage metal buttons

As soon as I got home, I pulled out a mirror I have been wondering what to do with? Now I know.

Pretty dusty but I am so stealing her idea

Pretty dusty but I am so stealing her idea

I did make another chalkboard when I was working on the mirror drawer. I know I said I wanted something besides chalkboards.

This one is from an old cabinet door. Hinges still on it, great. I ran a wire through the screw holes on the hinges for a hanger. Then I glued on a scrabble tile tray to hold the chalk. What do you think?

made from an old cabinet door

made from an old cabinet door

Guess I better get back to work. Enjoy.

I do want to show you one more thing.

Almost bumped right into this

Almost bumped right into this

Mocking bird eggs. I almost banged my head on her nest. Pretty cool.