My Sunday Garden – Hot and Neglected

I am trying not to whine, but this Summer is getting away from me to fast. What started out with such promise is sliding down hill into neglect and disinterest.

Why? Time, rain, heat, to much work, and on it goes. I am always so excited when the weather starts to warm up and days get long until, the sun gets so miserably hot you can’t stand to be outside.

This is the time of year when I just say the heck with it, I am going to the beach.

I did go out this morning to try and find something that might interest me and you, well here goes.

Beautiful right? Sorry, it is dead ūüė¶


Yes, we have this lovely shady spot and would you look at that. There are sticks in the hammock, we just don’t seem to have the time right now to lay back and relax.


grapes of wrath

What is going on here? The leaves of the grapes are burning up and the grapes are disappearing? These are purple grapes and I am beginning to think that by the time they turn, there will not be any. I have a suspicion that the deer are having nightly snacks. Remember when they looked like this


Like I said, we think raccoons are eating them or maybe deer. We can’t pick them since they are purple grapes.

Ok, I am done whining and it is now 9 o’clock Sunday evening.¬† The pears are still looking pretty awesome. These are cooking pears so I will have to come up with some recipes or maybe pear jam?



The zinnias like this hot weather and they add a great splash of color to the garden.


Picked a bunch of grape tomatoes for this evening’s salad. Yum, they are so sweet. Now how about that beach trip I mentioned early. There have not been any waves to speak of the last two weekends, but who cares, it’s the beach!



Trudging along behind the youngster


This guy was not afraid of us. He must have been looking for a hand out. Sorry, we didn’t bring any food.


Funny little altered sign at the beach


And the youngster, looking for waves. Maybe next weekend. Oh, actually, I will have a surprise for you next weekend. Someone else’s garden. Check back. Enjoy





My Sunday Garden – Blackberries and Dragons

I almost can’t stand to go outside. The yellow flies are horrific. If you don’t know about these terrible insects, you are lucky. They bite something awful and the bite swells up and itches like crazy.

I did go out to get these awesome garden pictures and yes I get bit at least 4 times. OUch.¬† I don’t have many flowers blooming at the moment except for the knockout roses.

spider posture

These little green spiders just love knock-out roses.

Yes, as you can see it is raining again. Our yard is starting to look like a jungle. I would rather have that than a drought. So, I will stop complaining.

The wild blackberries are turning. This is where I get bit several times by those horrible yellow flies.


These are growing in a log pile. Mr. U was back there with me and kept reminding me, “watch out for snakes” thanks Mr. U


I tried a few while I was back there. Yummy

Remember the first time I showed you the grapes? Mid April they looked like this

new grapes1


Well, look at them now.



These are purple grapes. I know that fox (I showed you last Sunday) is checking them out and look what else I found up around the grapes and the blackberries.


Do you know what that is? Deer poop. Looks like at least one has been up eating blackberries. I don’t know if they like grapes? I hope not.

I am getting bit like crazy, so I am scurrying around to take a few more shots. Here is a neon blue dragonfly


You know if I would get some batteries for my real camera, I could get some better shots for me and you. Maybe, I will get to that this week.

Did I mention Mr. Understanding was out back with me. He had a present for me. Look how awesome


It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Aren’t those the best flag holders you have ever seen. I know they are just iron pipes, but the color and the rust. I love it. Wouldn’t a little plant look cute in one of them? You might see these again. Just saying. Mr. U said he didn’t realize he had brought me a gift. I think he was going to drop these in his recycling pile. I am going to think he brought them home special for me. He is just shaking his head. He is so understanding.

Here are a couple more pics from today’s walk through the garden



june knockout


Ok, I gotta go scratch my yellow fly bites. Enjoy the day.




Is the Farmers Market Worth the Trip?

We took a trip to our local Farmers Market this past weekend and I am just wondering if it was worth the trip? I am not talking about one of the weekend ¬†Farmers Markets that have been springing up all over the place these past few years. I am talking about a Farmers Market that has been operating since 1938. It is open 365 days a year. I remember it used to be a pretty scary place to go. It is located in an industrial section of town close to a big train yard. They have spruced it up some with all the competition they are getting these days with Farmers Markets that open on the weekends and offer all kinds of other activities and products. (they now have a police stop station located on the premises, doesn’t that make you feel better)

Farmers Market open since 1938

Farmers Market open since 1938

open 365 days a year

open 365 days a year


Ok, now let’s talk about the produce selection¬†and origin of the produce. The day we went there wasn’t much customer traffic so it was easy to browse the stalls. It seemed like most of the vendors were all charging the same prices. Now I was with Mr. Understanding and the youngest so, if they saw something they liked, they wanted to try and get the cheapest best price possible. Mr. Understanding told me the vendors expect you to haggle over the price.

It was funny though, at one stall they had a sign on the cucumbers 4 for $1 so when Mr. U said he only wanted two the price changed to 3 for $1? What kind of haggling is that? He wound up getting two cucumbers and 2 green bell peppers for $1. Nice going Mr. U

nice looking veggies

nice looking veggies

The selection was good with some exotics that I don’t think were grown around here (see the pic of the mini bananas) and the pricing surprisingly¬†was much better than the regular grocery store. We got a box of corn for $6. The regular grocery was selling the same corn this weekend 4 pieces for $2. Where did the corn come from you ask? Well, we wanted to know too. The farmer guy selling the corn told us it came from South Florida. I was trying to envision corn growing in South Florida and all I could come up with was alligators and the everglades. Sure enough though I looked it up and here is a picture of South Florida corn growing and here is corn we purchased.

cornWe bought one of these boxes. I have used 8 pieces already. I think we are going to gift our neighbor with some

Corn in box we bought and growing corn

Corn in box we bought and growing corn

We really wanted some tomatoes and I have to say the ones at the Farmers Market were very pretty and everyone had them. So, where did they come from? Tennessee. Now how is Tenn able to grow tomatoes this time of year and we haven’t even been able to get a single tomato plant in the ground yet? Well, I looked it up and I could not find where Tenn grows tomatoes this time of year so, I am thinking they must have been grown in a green house. After we got the home and got a taste, I am even more sure they were green house grown. The price was good though, 6 big red tomatoes for $2.¬† I did find these nifty facts when I was looking for Tenn tomato growing

  • To peel a tomato, place it into boiling water for about 10-15 seconds and their skins peel off with ease
  • Yellow tomatoes are sweeter than red tomatoes because they have more sugar content.
  • Tomato juice can counteract the smell of skunk.
Youngster looking over tomatoes, oh my mistake, youngster looking at cellular device

Youngster looking over tomatoes, oh my mistake, youngster looking at cellular device

I would have to say a trip to our local Farmers Market was worth it. We spent about $10 and got

  • 2 cucumbers
  • 2 green bell peppers
  • a box of corn – 18 pieces
  • 6 tomatoes
  • a head of romaine lettuce
Mr. U ready to go

Mr. U ready to go

still checking it out

still checking it out

petunias mini bana more veggies broc

They did have Florida grown watermelons already. It is going to have to get a little warmer and stop raining before I am in the mood to spit watermelon seeds.

One more picture. Aren’t these the cutest little egg sized eggplants. Got to find a recipe for those

egg size eggplants

egg size eggplants

Hope you enjoyed this little field trip. I would love to hear about your local Farmers Market.