My Sunday Garden – Springtime March 2015

I have been off my blog for so long they have changed the formatting and now I need to figure out how to add the pictures because I know that is what you are here for, right? Spring is on it’s way here in North Florida for sure, but how about Georgia? Mr. Understanding and I took a quick trip up to North Georgia this past weekend to see my Pops and the lovely younger sister and her husband man.

I was hoping to see the daffodils blooming at the King homestead, but we had missed them. We did see plenty of other people’s blooms along the way. We got off the highway and took the back roads up through Warm Springs and Newnan. Very pretty. Mr. Understanding just wouldn’t go 20 miles an hour so I could take pictures, he said something about other people on the road wanting to go the speed limit or something. He is so understanding. He did stop for a couple of minutes in Warm Springs so I could snap a few pictures.

This is a big snowball bush just starting to bloom. I can only imagine what it must look like when all those lime green flowers burst into white. My kind of snow.



Now the next few are not flowers exactly however they are beauties in their own right. Remember we are driving so I tried my best  to get pictures of these Southern Belles.


I did see a sign on the one below that said something about being built in 1853. I really like the swans guarding the front porch. Ok, I am having trouble with this new format. Grrrr, I can’t stand it when something that was working changes

1853 bright



Eleanor’s Alley is in Warm Springs. We did not get to Roosevelt’s Little White house on this trip. Maybe next time.
At this point I feel like I am working on a project with Mr. Understanding if you know what I mean and if you don’t well you are just plain lucky. You know he did stop in some little town because he needed to stretch his legs. Of course this town was rather non descript except for these cute little wildflowers. I have no idea what they are? Do you?



I wasn’t going to show you these little wild violets yet, but this picture popped in when I put the other one on. What is going on here? I used to be really good at this. Like they say “use it or lose it” I don’t know who “they” are but in this case “they” seem to be correct. How about some of those daffodils I was talking about? The yellow one is from my Florida yard via the King homestead in Georgia and the white ones are at my mother’s home via the King homestead. You know we Southerners like to have living history through our gardens. I didn’t notice the drink cup in the background until just now courtesy of the young’un or Mr. Understanding.

daffodil1white daffs1

I did get a picture of the Forsythias blooming over at the King homestead. You know I can stand it when people cut their forsythias and azaleas into round balls. They look ugly, not natural, and most of the blooms are cut off. Why have them if you are going to force them into some weird shape, just saying.

Here are some in their natural state


What else can I show you this Sunday. I could have taken a million pictures. I love this time of year. I know, I will show you our driveway with the blooming ornamental pear trees. We are back home. Have a great Sunday and I hope Spring is on it’s way to your home.




My Sunday Garden – Think Pink

I had a little surprise this past week when I pulled up behind Southern Crossing to drop off some goods for my booth. Now it is late October so what I saw was quite surprising.

pinkl Is this a beautiful hibiscus? I don’t know if this is a normal time of year for them to be blooming or not. I can’t resist a pink flower. Here is another shot


Quite stunning if you ask me. Another little surprise this week is my African violet. I have had this plant for about 6 years. I planted it in this fishbowl when it was very little. I never guessed it would decide to grow right up and out of the bowl. I don’t know what to do about it now, so I am not going to do anything unless it starts to look like it is dying. This plant blooms all the time. I have it on a table that faces a north window. It gets bright indirect sunlight everyday. I only water it once every two weeks.



That’s all I have for today. Enjoy


My Sunday Garden – In the WayBack

Sweet Sunday. Got up early to check out the back back yard this morning. No that is not a typo. The Three Painted Owls spread is 3.5 acres which I know to some is not much and to others it is to much, but for us it is just right.  In the Summer time it can get away from us if, we don’t keep at it every week.

So, we have a backyard proper and then we have the Way Back which for the most part we keep in a natural state. Yes, Mr. U does mow back there occasionally to keep the pine trees from springing up, but for the most part it is what it is.

We have wild bunnies in the Spring along with turkeys, raccoons, and if you recall we had a fox (you can see a picture here) in the early Summer. We used to have quite a few deer, but I think our neighbor has disturbed the brush in his yard to much lately. Hopefully, they will come back.

Speaking of that neighbor, he recently built a chicken coop in his way back, don’t know if he is aware of the fox?

Ok, talk, talk, talk. How about some pictures. Lots of ferns and moss back there


more ferms


I think the deer like to eat this stuff


I know something likes our grapes. Remember how many green ones we had? Take a look in the archives, you will find them. Come back when you are done looking.

I did sample these, ok it was more than a sample. Yummy. Fresh off the vine, what could taste any better?


OOps, almost stepped on this, ant condo? I thought they only had one hole? What is going on here? Ok, the next two pictures I have no idea what kind of plants they are, but I like the colors and shapes.



Does the above picture remind anyone else of “Horton Hears a Who” or is just me?


Just saying.  Ok, how about some palmettos


The youngster used to play back here. This little rise was all dirt and he drove those trucks around hauling dirt up and down. Sigh… those were the good ol’ days. Now I have to seat in the passenger seat while he is driving us around in a real car. Talk about scary. Let’s get back to the garden shall we.


tree stump

I know it just a tree stump, but the texture is awesome. I just love it.


How about this little wild blue morning glory?


Ok, these are not in the way back I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos so I am back out front in the side garden.


Zinnias, who doesn’t love them? zinniii

I think that is all I have today. Going to pick up a church pew this afternoon, maybe I’ll have a chance to show it to you this week. Enjoy



Vintage Friday – Needlepoint and Other Nonsense

Crewel, embroidery, needlework, needlepoint, petit point, and the stuff from the 70’s. What is the difference? I want to show you some needlepoint made by my Great Grandmother, but first I had to look up the correct terminology.

needlepoint – Decorative needlework on canvas, usually in a diagonal stitch covering the entire surface of the material.

I had no idea there were so many different terms for these things. I now know it depends on what type of material, needles, yarn, thread, etc.

The ones I have for you today were stitched by my Great Grandmother. This was one of her favorite activities and when I think of her, I always envision her with her needlepoint in her lap.

The first one is part of a set of which I have one and my niece the always lovely Jessica Claire has the other.

Blue Boy – looks fairly simple until you get a close-up look. The face is done in what would be called petit point. That I understand, and one of his hands I get it, but what I don’t get is why she did his knee that way?


check out the stitches on the knee

check out the stitches on the knee

I also have a couple of pillows that she made. What amazes me is the staying power of the colors. I know the yarn is a wool, but I don’t know what process was used for dying the yarn, but whatever, was used the colors have really held up.


This pillow is my favorite a) because it was made by someone I loved b) Awesome pinks c) it has a flower motif



The next ones I have picked up at different places. I feel bad when I see someone’s handmade works at the thrift store. I always wonder why they were given away. I know, I am just a sentimental sop and yes, I do collect up other peoples stuff that….. I eventually sell to someone else to love.

I am just about sure my boys will not appreciate the stuff I have held onto from my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers and it will end up in the thrifts and… I don’t want to think about it right now. Let’s just enjoy what we have today.

I don’t know what the 70’s needle work kits were called. I do know this stuff is back in style and I can see why. I like the whimsical look of the flowers.




I just got these horses. I am taking them up to my space at Southern Crossing. Wouldn’t they look cute in little boy’s room?




Don’t the horses remind you of a paint-by-number? Just saying.

This next one for some reason reminds me of the seashore. I want to make it into a pillow. Don’t laugh it could happen.



Hope you enjoyed taking a peak at my Vintage needlework today. Hopefully, next week I will have time to dig a little deeper. This week I was tied up at a conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I know poor me. Me and my hotel room.


Well, this is all I got to see while I was there besides a conference room that is for…. 11 hours a day.




Sad, huh?  The hotel parking lot and the golf course which we did not get to use. I really wanted to get down to the beach, which was about 20 minutes away. Not. Side note, Mr. U and the youngster evidently had a great time while I was gone – no one bossing them around. Well, I am back. Just saying.

Yeah, for being home. Enjoy.




My Sunday Garden – Lizards and More

Well we are back to hot and more hot. Yesterday, the youngster said the driveway was burning his feet and that was at 5:30 in the afternoon. Got out this morning and the sun was already cooking. The lizards were warming in the sun.




Where is this, you ask. Well, Mr. U has started a metal recycle area in the way back. Thank goodness we can’t see it from the house. I guess the pipes were heating up and the lizards were enjoying the warmth. The blackberries are very abundant this year. All the rain has given us a bumper crop. They taste pretty good right off the bush.



And in case you are wondering, I ate the ones in the pictures. I could pick them and make a cobbler, but I am finding them more enjoyable when they are warmed by the morning sun and popped right into the mouth.  The wild morning glory is not doing much this year. One little blue bloom this morning.


There is an empty bird’s nest in one of the grape vines. This is a muscadine grape. If we don’t cut back this winter it will soon be wild.


The dragonflies are everywhere. I don’t think these are the ones that eat mosquitos. the mosquito hawks are big and black and seem to fly in groups. I will have to try to get out at dusk and capture them on film. I don’t know what these other ones eat, but they like to hang out by the blackberries.



Have a great day and get out and enjoy the weather. Oh, one more picture. Baby Beau wanted his picture taken. He is an American Bulldog and is an eighty pound baby.



Oops. Just realized I didn’t even show you any flowers. I don’t know what these are they just come up every year. They spread like ground cover. I should show you a picture of all of them. Next time.


I don’t know what these little white flowers are either. We have a lot of volunteers coming up this year. Do you see the those little black things on the leaf? Are those some kind of eggs. I magnified this picture about a zillion times if that gives you an idea how tiny those little eggs are.


Let’s Get Fruity – Ways to DIY your Wedding with Fruit

Unique, colorful, tasty. This time of year fruit is plentiful in most parts of the country. Why not think about using fruit as a way to DIY your wedding?  Hey, you can even use it for wedding favors. Who wouldn’t like that?

Here are some of my favorites

peaches and cream

Isn’t this just so romantic. I could not find the source for this picture. Looks fairly simple to recreate.

Love the colors in this centerpiece of kiwi and green grapes

green grapes

courtesy of chanceycharmingweddings

How about this beautiful fruit tray

fruit tray

Divas Can Cook give you a step-by-step on how to create this tray here

Fruit infused water and look, they are using mason jars. Looks refreshing for a summer DIY wedding


You can find out more here at wedding snap This one would be great for any occasion.

Now for some fruity favors

Fresh Fruit Wedding Favors - Fruits Wrapped in Paper and Tied with Ribbon

You could write a little thank you for coming note to wrap around the fruit, maybe your initials,  or a sweet recipe.

Peaches seem to be a popular “wedding fruit” or maybe I just like peaches 🙂

popular peaches

found on can’t get much easier than this. Fruit, basket, burlap, diy sign (doesn’t have to be a chalkboard) but, sure is cute.

Now if you really want to go all out, how about a whole fruit stand

fruit stand favors

Wow! Trip to the farmer’s market, anyone? This would be great for a summer birthday party as well.

This was fun. Hope this has inspired you to use some fruit at your DIY wedding.






Mother’s Day – The Gloves are Off

Mother’s Day a time to celebrate the women in our lives. We all get caught up in the everyday rush of things but, on Mother’s Day we need to slow down a bit and thank the woman who has cheered us when others haven’t, given us those words of encouragement that everything is going to be ok, nagged us, pushed us, …you get the picture. I am sure most of us can visualize this lady, she might not have been the one who birthed you but, she is the one who has always been there for you.

Here at Three Painted Owls we know a wonderful woman who is a great mom, wife, sister, daughter, and an awesome friend. We wanted to give her a little treat for Mother’s Day so we set up a photo shoot this week for her and her two daughters. Here’s to you, Maggie. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the other Mothers out there.

We also had a wonderful photographer this week. Katie Harrison from KH Lifestyle Photography was gracious enough to take on this last minute request. Thank you Katie.

Thanks Katie for the wonderful photos

Thanks Katie for the wonderful photos

We set this shoot up at Maggie’s home. We wanted to have a little fun so, we had the girls and Maggie don their white gloves and for Maggie, a tiara. After all it is Mother’s Day.


What could be better. Everyone had on their white gloves and we pulled out our mix and match china. Ok, the tea set is a little tarnished but, that’s not the point is it?



these cookies look great. guess what? shhh, we got them at the dollar store

these cookies look great. guess what? shhh, we got them at the dollar store

We set the table with what we had. That was the fun of it. Use what you have. Pull out the stuff you have for that “special occasion.” What day could be more special than Mother’s Day?


Sarah was worried about getting chocolate on her gloves. Who cares. I mean how often are you wearing these gloves. We got them at the thrift store, need I say more? Fun


We got a bunch of daisies from the grocery store. Sarah really liked the little daisy crown we made for her. Just another way to make the day special for Mom.


Aww, mom.


I don’t think Molly was quite into this when we first got started but, it looks like she is having a great time and what a beautiful young woman. Thanks Molly.


Molly pouring tea for Mom.


Just having fun.


Ok, fun is fun but, let’s take the gloves off and show the real thing


See, you don’t have to get all fancy to just spend a little time with mom.


Cheers to you, Mom.


It was a picture perfect day.



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. We have the table set for you. Enjoy.

Styled by: Three Painted Owls

Photography: KH Lifestyle Photography –

all photos on this site are the property of ThreePaintedOwls and KHlifestylePhotography.  Not for commercial use without permission


Paper Daisies – DIY Wedding Wednesday

We just finished up our Mother’s Day Photo Shoot. The whole time we were working on it I was trying to think what I could do for today’s DIY.

We did use daisies this morning and I thought “how pretty” let’s blow those things up to giant size.

Here is the inspiration for today’s DIY

Pretty awesome

Pretty awesome

If you are having a boho themed wedding or just a sweet backyard outdoorsy affair then these DIY daisies are just the thing

You will need:

  • small paper plates your choice of color(s) – I got mine at Walmart (24 pack for .97) this is a few pennies less than the dollar store.
  • tissue paper your choice of color(s) – the dollar tree is the best place to get this ($1 for 35 sheets)
  • bread ties – do those different colors really mean what day the bread was made? Just asking.
  • scissors
  • glue gun

Ok, once you get all your supplies together you are going to cut the middle out of each paper plate.

How nice that there is an indented circle already there, at least from the Walmart ones.

I used 5 sheets of tissue for each flower.

Fold the tissue using the “fan fold.”

Tie the middle with the bread tie – you could also use pipe cleaners

round off each end with your scissors (see the picture)

Gently, separate and puff out the layers of tissues

Heat up the glue gun and glue the paper plate cut out to the center of each flower

Voila. Repeat a again and again…… We made about 45 of these for a recent event

If you are going to make a lot of them, find some friends to help

Here are the pictures

oaoer fab tue full



Sorry, I don't have a bride to reflect in the mirror. Wouldn't this be a pretty idea? Ring the mirror with the flowers and take a picture with the reflection of the bride in the center

Sorry, I don’t have a bride to reflect in the mirror. Wouldn’t this be a pretty idea? Ring the mirror with the flowers and take a picture with the reflection of the bride in the center

Very easy project that adds a wow factor for the DIY event

Very easy project that adds a wow factor for the DIY event

You could do all colors of mix and match. This would be pretty for a birthday or Mother’s Day. Better get busy.

Saturday, I will be posting our Mother’s day photo shoot. It turned out pretty awesome, can’t wait for you to see it.



Sunday Garden – Pulaski Nursery

Well the weather is beautiful today. The rain is gone but, the yard is still soggy. Mr. Understanding is looking for a green grape to add to his vineyard so after breakfast with some of the family, we took a little drive over to a local nursery.

Enjoyed a nice breakfast with the Middles and the youngster. Do you see Mr. U in the window taking the picture?

Enjoyed a nice breakfast with the Middles and the youngster. Do you see Mr. U in the window taking the picture?

Me and the grand

Me and the grand

Breakfast with the family was fun. However the nursery we went to did not have the type of grape Mr. U is looking for but, I took pictures of some of their flowering plants.

Peace Rose

Peace Rose


an old fashioned favorite bleeding heart

an old fashioned favorite bleeding heart


fiery hibiscus

fiery hibiscus

bottle Brush shrub great for those wet areas of your yard

bottle Brush shrub great for those wet areas of your yard

Awesome smelling gardenias Always reminds of me of bubble gum

Awesome smelling gardenias Always reminds of me of bubble gum

Mardi Gras rose

Mardi Gras rose

Oleander these are evergreen and leaves are poisonous, sharp and pointy

Oleander these are evergreen and leaves are poisonous, sharp and pointy

Nice bromeliad

Nice bromeliad

ornamental sweet potato vines a great ground cover

ornamental sweet potato vines a great ground cover

Enjoy your Sunday



Almost Missed This Bloom – Sunday Garden

I have been keeping an eye on my old fashioned climbing rose and somehow I almost missed the bloom. Someone told me this rose is called Mr.Dewey? Not sure but, I do know it came from my Grandmother’s garden up in Georgia. The ligustrums are flowering and the bushes are full of bumble bees. I don’t really have a camera that will catch a bee. You know I am not really much of a photographer, I just love my garden so I do the best I can:)

Here are a few pictures I got today



red ted

Here is the ligustrum bloom


And I have one more for you, a champagne iris  that came from my Grandmother’s garden. I have trouble getting the yellow colors. I am surprised these iris bloom at all since it doesn’t really get cold enough in the winter


enjoy the day