Halloween Jacks

Saturday morning and it is a glorious day. I have a little surprise for you today. With so little “art time” on my hands these days I have to carefully choose what I want to work on. For the last three years I have been transforming dollar store plastic pumpkins into unique one of a kind Halloween Art Jacks.

Yes, each one does require a lot of time, but boy are they great fun and the sky’s the limit. You know what I am talking about when I say dollar store pumpkin. They look like this:

orange pumpkin

So, yes this is what I was talking about. The orange buckets that are everywhere this time of year. They are perfectly nice, but you know me I can’t leave well enough alone.

Without further ado let me show you the upgraded orange plastic pumpkin


I love this face. I might translate this face to a snowman series.


And yes, he has his trusty mousetrap. You know for those late night snacks.


This one looks like a voodoo scary man. I got the sparkly top hat back at 4th of July. It had a plastic flag wraparound that was easily removed. Add the spider and voila, Halloween.


See what I mean by voodoo. Looks like he might cast a spell on you!


Ah yes, the would be Pumpkin King. He tries, but none of the other pumpkins really listen. Alright, so I have an imagination. Remember, this kind of art is for FUN.


Looks like the “King” has his life history on his back


I only have a picture of two from last year. I get in such a hurry, I forget to take pictures.


This is one of last year’s little guys. So sweet.


didn’t quite have a steady hand when I took this last year. I was probably in a big hurry, as usual.


The above is a picture of my free library stacks I got back in April. As you can see it is now October and are they built in or painted white like I intended. No and no.

I can’t get Mr. Understanding interested in this project and I need his awesome skills to complete this project. What can I say, he is so understanding.


Just imagine beautiful white shelves. They are coming.

Ok, next couple are pics are from when I was at Target the other day. I took these for inspiration only. Once I looked at the price I knew I would not be buying them, but (hehe) I might be knocking them off in some fashion or form.



Here is a Witchy project I completed recently. I took a Halloween posters and amped it up a few notches. The back board is an old cabinet door I painted to look aged. I then added the poster and did a little more painting to blend it with the cabinet door. I love it. What do you think? I did another one with a different poster, but did I take a picture, no. Sorry


Now for a few Family photos. Oh, so you thought maybe the one above was a family member? Very funny, just wait until you see the next ones.


I have always been enthralled by this picture. This is my eldest sibling. This was taken during the time when you made your own costumes. I am sure someone made this outfit especially for her or who knows maybe it was a hand me down. I should find that out? I don’t know what she was supposed to be exactly, but it is classic as far as I am concerned

I will have to drag out some of our old costumes and show them to you. Well, yes I have saved so many of the old costumes,  doesn’t everyone?

Here is the young’un modelling a mask for me. I thought I might be able to use it on one of my Pumpkin Jacks, but I wanted to see how it look on a human head first. Interesting.


I don’t know who this guy is below. I was just playing around with a picture I took at Southern Crossing. I did a little editing with picmonkey.com. If you haven’t ever used this photo editor, it is easy fun and free. Just thought I would tell you that. Right now they have some cool Halloween editing you can use on your photos. Just saying.


Hope you enjoyed this little Halloween romp. Enjoy the day. I hear the birds singing outside so I am on my way out.


Super Heros Repurposed

Just finished up a repurposed toy project. Who doesn’t love toys? What could be better, toys and functional, who knew.




Wish I had more time to tell you about this project, but I have to run. Enjoy and we will dissect this project later.

Friday Quickie

Running in circles this week. Every feel like you are in the movie “Groundhog Day?” That has been my week. I sold a large piece up at Southern Crossing so I had to quickly get something else to take it’s place.

I found this sturdy but not so cute looking table and thought I would have time to really do something unique with it before the other piece sold, not. So, I used my good ol’ stand by homemade chalk paint.

I am loving the Valspar flat nautical blue.

Just a reminder on how to make your own chalk paint

Any color flat latex paint
plaster of paris
throw away cup

Pour about a cup of paint into your throw away container and then add a tablespoon of plaster of paris.
Stir until most of the lumps are gone. Keep adding the plaster of paris and stirring after each addition until you get the consistency of pudding

Paint it on your piece
Let it dry
Lightly sand
Paint on another coat
Let it dry
Sand until you are happy with the look – I like the shabby look, so I sand the edges back to give it a worn look
Put a coat of paste wax on all the painted areas
Buff (a lot) put some muscle into.
and Voila, you have a lovely new piece of furniture

nautical table1

took this with my cell phone. Sorry. Below is the before.


It amazes me every time what a difference a coat of paint can make. Enjoy the day. Summer starts tomorrow.


DIY Wedding – Let Your Guests Belly up to the Candy Bar



Thinking about what wedding favors are easy, quick, and not to hard on the budget? How about a Candy Bar/Buffet? I have found lot’s of great examples for you. Let’s talk about this first one. Do you have a piece of furniture that has been in family for several generations? Why not include it in your reception décor like the awesome shabby chic dresser above. See the favor boxes in the drawers? Look at the great silver plated dishes used for the macaroons and the sweet little cupcakes in the shot glasses?

The next example is again a piece of furniture that the bride had in her family. This is one we personally set up for a wedding.

candy table

We just put it in the back of a pick-up truck and took it up to the reception space. Don’t you love how the room is reflected in the mirror. We picked up all the jars at thrift stores. Remember when you are DIYing start early so you have time to find those awesome pieces. We had the little favor bags in the drawers. The bride and groom used their favorite candies. Needless to say, we refilled the jars several times and when the reception was over there was not a single piece of candy left except a few smushed m&ms on the floor!


This next one is really sweet. Ha-Ha no pun intended. If you are planning a fall wedding this one would be perfect. Caramel apple decorating. This might be a little messy, but who cares you and your groom will be long gone when the clean up starts:) Huh, that doesn’t sound to good does it? Leaving a big sticky mess behind for someone else to clean up. Well, maybe this would be good for an outside late summer wedding.

bar caramel apple amy atlas

via Amy Atlas

If you are a fan of the “all one color candy bar”, here a few ideas.


All White with silver accents. Looks pretty simple, but you would probably have to either find a real candy store or order all the white candy on line. Although, on second look I see Jordan almonds, white macaroons, white after dinner mints, white cupcakes, and marshmallow looking things. What do you see?


Now about the containers. I would try to borrow as many as I could. Everyone has at least one awesome vase or jar. Thrift stores as I mentioned before and when you are done with them either donate them back or start some kind of small collection like seashells or buttons because both of those look great in jars. I am just saying.

Here is another all white one.


via mommygaga

So, who wouldn’t love a candy bar/buffet. Just make yourself a list of your favorite candies, or pick candies that match your wedding colors, find, borrow, beg some containers, buy some cute little bags or boxes and let your guests take home a sweet reminder of your special day.

Ok, one more tip for using candy as wedding favors, keep it simple, I promise you the guests will still love it. Just look at this one. I think it is my favorite and green is not my favorite color, except for money, but we are talking about candy, candy as favors for your awesome DIY wedding. Believe me there is a lot to do on your special day so you don’t want to be worrying about favors or breaking the bank buying favors, right? To find all these green candies might take a little more looking than a mix of colors would. I saw the clear scoops they are using at of all places the Dollar Tree which means when you are doing DIY you should give yourself enough time to shop all kinds of different places or at least give the folks you have assigned tasks to enough time to shop for the deals. For instance if you know you are having a June wedding and it is October, you can get great deals on the bags or boxes for the favors since several holidays are going to roll by that are candy related i.e. Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. Look for the after the holiday clearance.


Go buy yourself a candy bar and get started thinking about you and your sweetie’s favorite candies. Darn, no pun intended there either. Enjoy

Alright one more, but I am warning you this could be DIY but not on a budget.


via sweetido








Vintage Friday – Look What We Found

Wow. Where has the week zipped off to? We had a garage sale this past weekend at a friend’s house (Jeno)  and today I am having another sale at my house. Last weekend was beautiful not to hot weather. Today it is stinking hot outside 90 by 11:00 am

Jeno got this out to show me but, said he could not part with them....yet

Jeno got this out to show me but, said he could not part with them….yet

Who is Jeno? He is a friend of mine. I took some of my treasures to his house this past weekend for a garage sale

Jeno and Christine. Christine was buying. She is another friend from Southern Crossing

Jeno and Christine. Christine was buying. She is another friend from Southern Crossing

Here is some of the great stuff she bought from us

oyster shell mirror

oyster shell mirror

vintage croquet set

vintage croquet set

Jeno also had this nice oak dresser.

It is old and the drawers were sticking a little bit. People kept looking at it and mentioning the sticky drawer but, you know your drawers are probably going to stick a little when you get old. We couldn’t get a buyer. What! It was only $75 bucks, what is wrong with people, I ask you?

oak dresser

oak dresser

Take a look at these vintage elf heads

No one could see the vision on these either.

wouldn't these look great in a large glass jar

wouldn’t these look great in a large glass jar

You know these elf heads could be used for two holidays, Halloween (gruesome) or Vintage Christmas (sweet)

It was a fun day so I decided, why don’t I have a sale at my house this next weekend (today and tomorrow)

got my signs out

got my signs out

some of my stuff

some of my stuff

I did have a DIY this week but, sorry I only took a picture when I finished. I will tell you how I did it so you can do it to.

Ok here is a pic of the DIY I did this week. No it is not a weddingDIY but, still pretty awesome if you ask me.

faux metal car wall art

faux metal car wall art

I started with a gaggle of matchbox type cars. Yes, more than 10 toy cars is a gaggle. Look it up:) Find yourself a frame. I got lucky this one had a torn up panoramic picture in it and was just the right height for the cars.

How often do you have something that fits exactly? Not often. Anyway, find yourself a frame and a bunch/gaggle of little cars

Glue the cars onto or into the frame. I used my favorite glue E6000. Wait for the glue to dry. This is the hardest part for me.

Once the glue was dry I gave the whole thing a coat of white spray paint. I then asked Mr. U and the youngster what did they think?

They both gave it a thumbs down. Said it looked unfinished. Said it should have some color. What, I just painted over the color. I am trying to elevate these little cars to art status. What do they know. Why did I ask them?

Ok, so the next step was to give the whole thing a coat of aluminum silver spray. Now it looked a little to shiny for me and I did not want a showroom new look since these are “used” cars.

What to do, brush on a coat of black acrylic and then start rubbing it back off. Adds a nice depth to the nooks and crannies.

Voila. I did not ask Mr. U and the youngster this time. I like the way it looks and after all, I am the artist, aren’t I? Ok, let’s see if the customers of Southern Crossing think it is as awesome as I do.


Messed around at my booth a little bit this week

Looks like I must be having "beach thoughts"

Looks like I must be having “beach thoughts”

Oh, I went to a salvage sale and bought 4 seven foot tall “good bones” library stacks. I am so excited, I can’t wait to show you this project. I am bound and determined to have my built-ins. I think this is a great start with the stacks. And the best part, I got them for $1 each. That is not a typo. One American dollar for each one. Next step, get them painted.

$1 each Woohoo

$1 each Woohoo

Did some cooking



and do you know I must have been punished for the great buy on the stacks, because I spent 4 hours of my week waiting on one train or another.

I can’t get to the other side of town without crossing at least 4 busy train tracks. It would not be so bad but, they stop and off load cars which means you just sit and wait. I tried to get around one this morning by taking a “short cut” but because the train was stopping to let the bridge down over the river my so called short cut was backed up to.  Grrrr. I need to remember to bring along a book.

waiting, waiting, wai.....

waiting, waiting, wai…..

And to round the week off the youngster has reinjured his knee and is going to have another MRI. 😦
Enjoy whatever you do this weekend.

Projects In the Works – Chalkboards and Mirrors

I never start one project at a time. No, I have to start 2,3,4….why, it’s just the way I work. I guess one project feeds off another. It drives Mr. Understanding crazy. It goes something like this, Him- don’t start another project, you already have this other stuff going. Me – it’s only going to take a minute to get this stuff done and….. on and on it goes. He is so understanding and did I mention he is a carpenter too!

I have been picking up drawers lately. Usually, they get a nice paint color and the inside is painted with chalkboard paint, very sweet.

Drawer repurposed into chalkboard

Drawer repurposed into chalkboard

Well, that is great and I like the look but, I thought what else could weI do with the drawers. Bingo, how about a mirror? To bad we didn’t  have a mirror lying around that would fit in the drawer. Oh, how about if we cut a mirror to fit?

No, no, no. Guess who said that? Right, Mr. U.

First, he said we don’t have a mirror and second we don’t have the tools.

Voila, I said as I pulled out a huge sheet of mirror. I saved it from when we changed out the mirrors in the powder room.

He wasn’t ready to give up yet. We don’t have the tools he said.

I pulled up good ol’ youtube and guess what? All you need is one little cutting tool. Next thing you know we are in the parking lot of our home improvement store and Mr. U is loading potting soil, fertilizer, paint, plants, and one little glass cutting tool into the back of his truck.

Well you know you can’t burn gas to go get just one little thing.

Anyway, you should have seen us out there. It was about 100 degrees the mirror is blinding us and we  no just me is trying to figure out which way is up on this cutting tool. Did I mention Mr. U had gone back in the house shaking his head muttering something about, people starting projects that don’t know what they are doing? He is so understanding, just saying.

I got him back out there. After all I needed someone to get the correct measurements.

So, this is where the project stands

got the mirror cut

got the mirror cut

got the mirror cut, (it is dirty not cracked) Now I just need to silicone it into the drawer after I give the drawer a little dry brushing with some paint. Then I am going to use some cording to go around the cut edge of the mirror. One thing about this drawer, it stands up very nicely.

Show you the finished one later.

Well, I saw one of my thrifting pals yesterday and was telling her about the drawer and how I need some cord to edge it.

She said she had a stash of cord and I should come check it out.  So I did. Why am I telling you this? Because, I want to show you some mirrors she embellished with vintage buttons.

Now be warned, I only had my phone so the pictures are good but, not stellar





Pretty cool, huh? I thought so. She also edged a chalkboard she made

vintage metal buttons

vintage metal buttons

As soon as I got home, I pulled out a mirror I have been wondering what to do with? Now I know.

Pretty dusty but I am so stealing her idea

Pretty dusty but I am so stealing her idea

I did make another chalkboard when I was working on the mirror drawer. I know I said I wanted something besides chalkboards.

This one is from an old cabinet door. Hinges still on it, great. I ran a wire through the screw holes on the hinges for a hanger. Then I glued on a scrabble tile tray to hold the chalk. What do you think?

made from an old cabinet door

made from an old cabinet door

Guess I better get back to work. Enjoy.

I do want to show you one more thing.

Almost bumped right into this

Almost bumped right into this

Mocking bird eggs. I almost banged my head on her nest. Pretty cool.

Mother’s Day – The Gloves are Off

Mother’s Day a time to celebrate the women in our lives. We all get caught up in the everyday rush of things but, on Mother’s Day we need to slow down a bit and thank the woman who has cheered us when others haven’t, given us those words of encouragement that everything is going to be ok, nagged us, pushed us, …you get the picture. I am sure most of us can visualize this lady, she might not have been the one who birthed you but, she is the one who has always been there for you.

Here at Three Painted Owls we know a wonderful woman who is a great mom, wife, sister, daughter, and an awesome friend. We wanted to give her a little treat for Mother’s Day so we set up a photo shoot this week for her and her two daughters. Here’s to you, Maggie. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the other Mothers out there.

We also had a wonderful photographer this week. Katie Harrison from KH Lifestyle Photography was gracious enough to take on this last minute request. Thank you Katie.

Thanks Katie for the wonderful photos

Thanks Katie for the wonderful photos

We set this shoot up at Maggie’s home. We wanted to have a little fun so, we had the girls and Maggie don their white gloves and for Maggie, a tiara. After all it is Mother’s Day.


What could be better. Everyone had on their white gloves and we pulled out our mix and match china. Ok, the tea set is a little tarnished but, that’s not the point is it?



these cookies look great. guess what? shhh, we got them at the dollar store

these cookies look great. guess what? shhh, we got them at the dollar store

We set the table with what we had. That was the fun of it. Use what you have. Pull out the stuff you have for that “special occasion.” What day could be more special than Mother’s Day?


Sarah was worried about getting chocolate on her gloves. Who cares. I mean how often are you wearing these gloves. We got them at the thrift store, need I say more? Fun


We got a bunch of daisies from the grocery store. Sarah really liked the little daisy crown we made for her. Just another way to make the day special for Mom.


Aww, mom.


I don’t think Molly was quite into this when we first got started but, it looks like she is having a great time and what a beautiful young woman. Thanks Molly.


Molly pouring tea for Mom.


Just having fun.


Ok, fun is fun but, let’s take the gloves off and show the real thing


See, you don’t have to get all fancy to just spend a little time with mom.


Cheers to you, Mom.


It was a picture perfect day.



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. We have the table set for you. Enjoy.

Styled by: Three Painted Owls

Photography: KH Lifestyle Photography – ktmay08@live.com

all photos on this site are the property of ThreePaintedOwls and KHlifestylePhotography.  Not for commercial use without permission


Paper Daisies – DIY Wedding Wednesday

We just finished up our Mother’s Day Photo Shoot. The whole time we were working on it I was trying to think what I could do for today’s DIY.

We did use daisies this morning and I thought “how pretty” let’s blow those things up to giant size.

Here is the inspiration for today’s DIY

Pretty awesome

Pretty awesome

If you are having a boho themed wedding or just a sweet backyard outdoorsy affair then these DIY daisies are just the thing

You will need:

  • small paper plates your choice of color(s) – I got mine at Walmart (24 pack for .97) this is a few pennies less than the dollar store.
  • tissue paper your choice of color(s) – the dollar tree is the best place to get this ($1 for 35 sheets)
  • bread ties – do those different colors really mean what day the bread was made? Just asking.
  • scissors
  • glue gun

Ok, once you get all your supplies together you are going to cut the middle out of each paper plate.

How nice that there is an indented circle already there, at least from the Walmart ones.

I used 5 sheets of tissue for each flower.

Fold the tissue using the “fan fold.”

Tie the middle with the bread tie – you could also use pipe cleaners

round off each end with your scissors (see the picture)

Gently, separate and puff out the layers of tissues

Heat up the glue gun and glue the paper plate cut out to the center of each flower

Voila. Repeat a again and again…… We made about 45 of these for a recent event

If you are going to make a lot of them, find some friends to help

Here are the pictures

oaoer fab tue full



Sorry, I don't have a bride to reflect in the mirror. Wouldn't this be a pretty idea? Ring the mirror with the flowers and take a picture with the reflection of the bride in the center

Sorry, I don’t have a bride to reflect in the mirror. Wouldn’t this be a pretty idea? Ring the mirror with the flowers and take a picture with the reflection of the bride in the center

Very easy project that adds a wow factor for the DIY event

Very easy project that adds a wow factor for the DIY event

You could do all colors of mix and match. This would be pretty for a birthday or Mother’s Day. Better get busy.

Saturday, I will be posting our Mother’s day photo shoot. It turned out pretty awesome, can’t wait for you to see it.



The Mission – Turning Wood into Metal?

The Mission - Change Wood into Metal but hey, what are the army men for?

The Mission – Change Wood into Metal but hey, what are the army men for?


Why would I need Army men to change wood into metal? I don’t but, they look interesting so, why not? Ok, not completely truthful. I made a lamp and I will show it to you after I get done changing wood into metal. Satisfied?


Alright, I found another one of those outdated pine pieces that were so popular in the late 80’s and this one has the ever popular heart motif too. Can’t get better than that, right? I love these pieces. They are built very solid (no wobbles) and they are perfect for repurposing/updating.

With further ado let’s get started. Here is the little beauty

How could you not love this? Friendship, what could be any better

How could you not love this? Friendship, what could be any better

The first thing I did was pull out the insert. Yes, I kept it. I will shred it and use it for ties for my price tags. Show you that on another day.

Looks better already

Looks better already

Next step. I gave it a coat of white paint. One thing I love about these pieces is there is not usually any heavy stain to bleed through which makes it much easier to paint.

then I painted it with silver metallic spray paint

then I painted it with silver metallic spray paint

See what looks like speckles in the paint? I sprinkled it with water before I sprayed the paint this gives it a corrosive pitted look to the “metal”

I decide to push some thumbtacks into the corners for "metal brads"

I decide to push some thumbtacks into the corners for “metal brads”

After I added the thumbtacks I sprayed again

see the thumbtacks

see the thumbtacks

The next step was to paint black acrylic on the piece to give the metal an “aged” look.

Just slap it on

Just slap it on

After you get the black painted on wait a few minutes, do something else don’t stand around watching paint dry 🙂 Once it sets a few 5-10 minutes get a damp paper towel and wipe some of the black paint back off

See I wiped most of it back off. The black tones down that super shiny look

See I wiped most of it back off. The black tones down that super shiny look

I decided to add a black board to fill the space where I took out the “Friendship Girls.” You could insert a cork board, string wires across, or just leave empty.  I happen to have a piece of board to use for the chalkboard insert.

I am going to have to cut the board to fit.  Mr. Understanding is going to have to cut the board to fit. He doesn’t know that yet so, let’s see what can I fix him for dinner that he would really like? Just saying. Got to grease the wheel. Did I tell you, he is so understanding and a carpenter too.

Ok, once I get the board cut to fit,  I will be done. Here it is before the board gets cut – by you know who.

Not bad.

Not bad.

Now that I am looking at it, I might slap on some raw sienna acrylic to give it a little bit of a rusty look. Once I get the aged look finished I will give it a clear coat and it will be ready to go up to Southern Crossing.

Oh yeah, I did mention a lamp with Army men didn’t I.

My customers love these lamps and so do I

My customers love these lamps and so do I

Fun. great for anyone who loves army men

Fun. great for anyone who loves army men

I couldn't resist staging this thing

I couldn’t resist staging this thing

Hope you enjoyed this repurpose project. Don’t throw that old stuff out, update it.