My Sunday Garden – In the WayBack

Sweet Sunday. Got up early to check out the back back yard this morning. No that is not a typo. The Three Painted Owls spread is 3.5 acres which I know to some is not much and to others it is to much, but for us it is just right.  In the Summer time it can get away from us if, we don’t keep at it every week.

So, we have a backyard proper and then we have the Way Back which for the most part we keep in a natural state. Yes, Mr. U does mow back there occasionally to keep the pine trees from springing up, but for the most part it is what it is.

We have wild bunnies in the Spring along with turkeys, raccoons, and if you recall we had a fox (you can see a picture here) in the early Summer. We used to have quite a few deer, but I think our neighbor has disturbed the brush in his yard to much lately. Hopefully, they will come back.

Speaking of that neighbor, he recently built a chicken coop in his way back, don’t know if he is aware of the fox?

Ok, talk, talk, talk. How about some pictures. Lots of ferns and moss back there


more ferms


I think the deer like to eat this stuff


I know something likes our grapes. Remember how many green ones we had? Take a look in the archives, you will find them. Come back when you are done looking.

I did sample these, ok it was more than a sample. Yummy. Fresh off the vine, what could taste any better?


OOps, almost stepped on this, ant condo? I thought they only had one hole? What is going on here? Ok, the next two pictures I have no idea what kind of plants they are, but I like the colors and shapes.



Does the above picture remind anyone else of “Horton Hears a Who” or is just me?


Just saying.  Ok, how about some palmettos


The youngster used to play back here. This little rise was all dirt and he drove those trucks around hauling dirt up and down. Sigh… those were the good ol’ days. Now I have to seat in the passenger seat while he is driving us around in a real car. Talk about scary. Let’s get back to the garden shall we.


tree stump

I know it just a tree stump, but the texture is awesome. I just love it.


How about this little wild blue morning glory?


Ok, these are not in the way back I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos so I am back out front in the side garden.


Zinnias, who doesn’t love them? zinniii

I think that is all I have today. Going to pick up a church pew this afternoon, maybe I’ll have a chance to show it to you this week. Enjoy




Vintage Friday – Aluminum Patio Furniture

Big Breath, let it out slowly……It’s finally Friday. Now I don’t know how your schedule is these days, but we here at Three Painted Owls just do not have enough down time. It is Summer we are supposed to be laid back and lazy. Not.

Instead we try to grab every ounce of daylight, that is when we are not working our tails off. Ok, yes, we have been getting down to the beach, as evidenced by some of my recent posts, but not enough that’s for sure.

Since we are wanting to kick back what would be better for this Friday than some mid-century aluminum and wood patio furniture.

First, I want to tell you this funny little thing. To show you these pictures today I had to snap the shots, right? Well, I didn’t want to just take a picture, of course not, I have to stage my shot.

Ok, so I get home around 8 pm last night. You gotta love Summer, it is still daylight at 8 pm. Awesome.

Anyway, I get home and start taking things out to get my shot and I have to say, it looks really cute. I will show you in a minute. Hold your horses. So, I get it all set up take the shots and then I think, this is really nice so, I sit down and enjoy the sunset. Well, about that time who comes outside? Mr. U of course and what does he say? What are you doing with all that awesome stuff (read between the lines awesome stuff = junk) here in the front yard and why are you just sitting there?

Did I ever mention, he is so understanding? Well, I think to myself, doesn’t he remember my little ol’ blog that I love so much and doesn’t he see this beautiful sunset and doesn’t he know we are supposed to be trying to enjoy the Summer before it slips away? Nope, he just wants to know if I am leaving all that stuff out there? He is so understanding.

I would love to leave “the stuff” out there, but I am going to sell this awesome set so I don’t want it to get icky. That’s what happens when you leave stuff outside in Florida it gets icky. You know blazing sun, rain, sun, rain, sun…. get the picture?

Ok, enough said the first pictures are my things and then I found some more pictures and the only credit I can give on them are ebay and etsy. I did try to go to the etsy, but I guess their store is closed. Enjoy.


Told you this stuff is awesome. Nice folding chair and a great fold up rolling cart. Perfect for a cook out and so light weight.


The next ones are like I said ebay and an Etsy one. Bet you can figure out the Etsy.




Yep, if you guessed this last one for Etsy, you are right. The prices that I have seen personally on this outdoor furniture is very reasonable, so if you are a mid-century decorator you should definitely indulge.

Now for that sunset I was mentioning earlier.


No rain this afternoon so we had a great sunset and one more summer picture. I will show more of these on Sunday


Summer flowers, love them.

Alright, one last tidbit. I am working on projects. Here is an almost before. I painted it before I thought about taking a picture. This is made out of metal. Lucky 7. I will show you the finished sometime next week.


Enjoy the day and find somewhere to sit and relax for a minute.









My Sunday Garden – When Nothing Goes Right, Go to the Beach

Sunday is a day of rest, right? Well, I have been in a rat race lately. I haven’t had time to do anything I want to do so, today we are heading to the beach to regroup.

I have some awesome projects started, but nothing far enough along to show you. The garden is about shot what with the heat and now the daily thunder boomers. We had 3 inches of rain Friday afternoon.

Let’s all just put our toes in the sand this afternoon and…..


We got to the beach and I thought ahhhh, this will be nice I brought my camera there are some waves today and wow look at the clouds. My camera won’t turn on. What? Last time I went to use it, when we were at Disney for the 4th of July, I had forgotten the memory card so no great Disney pics. What now?

I had taken two of the batteries out to use in my wireless mouse. Darn it. So the pictures are from my handy Samsung tablet. Not bad, but I was hoping for fantastic.

Mr. Understanding did go to the beach with us today. He is not always one for spontaneity so the youngster and I were pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday Beach day


Yes, that is the youngster’s head out there


Next is the elusive Mr. U. He won’t ever look directly at the camera and if he does he won’t smile.


There were a lot of people at the beach today I was just able to get a shot in between



Sea oats. The tide was high when we got there this morning so we were sitting back by the dunes.

I made this little “BEACH” art for you while we were there. Cute huh?


Bunch of broken shells. It is a good thing we got up and went early because now it is pouring rain outside. I think it is supposed to do this everyday this week:(

I do have a couple of pics of the zinnias



Oh, and I have this picture to show you. I am still taking the youngster to physical therapy for his knee. We stopped on the way there this past Thursday and saw this by the place we stopped at to get a snack.


Yes, the kind of art I love. Repurposed! Pretty cool.

Don’t have anything else for you at the moment. Enjoy and I think Germany is about to Win the World Cup




Repurpose – Red, White & Blue

4th of July is right around the corner so look around the house and grab all your red, white & blue for a patriotic repurpose.

I even dug into my Valentine and Christmas decorations. Hey, those are the colors I needed so why not? Who says you can’t color out of the lines. Just saying.




Using my books. Just pick out the red ones and voila, instant décor



see that red box? Left over from Christmas.


Sparkly red hearts from Valentine’s Day. (from the dollar store) When you are shopping place like the Dollar Store just look for the colors you want to use and you might be surprised by what you find.


Easy. Take a mason jar and wrap it with a dollar store flag. Just use a little twine. You can get that at the dollar store too.


Baseballs and apple pie. I just dumped all of our old baseballs in a jar that I got at the thrift store. This is easy repurpose decorating. Use what you have in unexpected ways

Love it. Enjoy

My Sunday Garden – Hot and Neglected

I am trying not to whine, but this Summer is getting away from me to fast. What started out with such promise is sliding down hill into neglect and disinterest.

Why? Time, rain, heat, to much work, and on it goes. I am always so excited when the weather starts to warm up and days get long until, the sun gets so miserably hot you can’t stand to be outside.

This is the time of year when I just say the heck with it, I am going to the beach.

I did go out this morning to try and find something that might interest me and you, well here goes.

Beautiful right? Sorry, it is dead 😦


Yes, we have this lovely shady spot and would you look at that. There are sticks in the hammock, we just don’t seem to have the time right now to lay back and relax.


grapes of wrath

What is going on here? The leaves of the grapes are burning up and the grapes are disappearing? These are purple grapes and I am beginning to think that by the time they turn, there will not be any. I have a suspicion that the deer are having nightly snacks. Remember when they looked like this


Like I said, we think raccoons are eating them or maybe deer. We can’t pick them since they are purple grapes.

Ok, I am done whining and it is now 9 o’clock Sunday evening.  The pears are still looking pretty awesome. These are cooking pears so I will have to come up with some recipes or maybe pear jam?



The zinnias like this hot weather and they add a great splash of color to the garden.


Picked a bunch of grape tomatoes for this evening’s salad. Yum, they are so sweet. Now how about that beach trip I mentioned early. There have not been any waves to speak of the last two weekends, but who cares, it’s the beach!



Trudging along behind the youngster


This guy was not afraid of us. He must have been looking for a hand out. Sorry, we didn’t bring any food.


Funny little altered sign at the beach


And the youngster, looking for waves. Maybe next weekend. Oh, actually, I will have a surprise for you next weekend. Someone else’s garden. Check back. Enjoy




Vintage Friday – Needlepoint and Other Nonsense

Crewel, embroidery, needlework, needlepoint, petit point, and the stuff from the 70’s. What is the difference? I want to show you some needlepoint made by my Great Grandmother, but first I had to look up the correct terminology.

needlepoint – Decorative needlework on canvas, usually in a diagonal stitch covering the entire surface of the material.

I had no idea there were so many different terms for these things. I now know it depends on what type of material, needles, yarn, thread, etc.

The ones I have for you today were stitched by my Great Grandmother. This was one of her favorite activities and when I think of her, I always envision her with her needlepoint in her lap.

The first one is part of a set of which I have one and my niece the always lovely Jessica Claire has the other.

Blue Boy – looks fairly simple until you get a close-up look. The face is done in what would be called petit point. That I understand, and one of his hands I get it, but what I don’t get is why she did his knee that way?


check out the stitches on the knee

check out the stitches on the knee

I also have a couple of pillows that she made. What amazes me is the staying power of the colors. I know the yarn is a wool, but I don’t know what process was used for dying the yarn, but whatever, was used the colors have really held up.


This pillow is my favorite a) because it was made by someone I loved b) Awesome pinks c) it has a flower motif



The next ones I have picked up at different places. I feel bad when I see someone’s handmade works at the thrift store. I always wonder why they were given away. I know, I am just a sentimental sop and yes, I do collect up other peoples stuff that….. I eventually sell to someone else to love.

I am just about sure my boys will not appreciate the stuff I have held onto from my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers and it will end up in the thrifts and… I don’t want to think about it right now. Let’s just enjoy what we have today.

I don’t know what the 70’s needle work kits were called. I do know this stuff is back in style and I can see why. I like the whimsical look of the flowers.




I just got these horses. I am taking them up to my space at Southern Crossing. Wouldn’t they look cute in little boy’s room?




Don’t the horses remind you of a paint-by-number? Just saying.

This next one for some reason reminds me of the seashore. I want to make it into a pillow. Don’t laugh it could happen.



Hope you enjoyed taking a peak at my Vintage needlework today. Hopefully, next week I will have time to dig a little deeper. This week I was tied up at a conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I know poor me. Me and my hotel room.


Well, this is all I got to see while I was there besides a conference room that is for…. 11 hours a day.




Sad, huh?  The hotel parking lot and the golf course which we did not get to use. I really wanted to get down to the beach, which was about 20 minutes away. Not. Side note, Mr. U and the youngster evidently had a great time while I was gone – no one bossing them around. Well, I am back. Just saying.

Yeah, for being home. Enjoy.




Friday Quickie

Running in circles this week. Every feel like you are in the movie “Groundhog Day?” That has been my week. I sold a large piece up at Southern Crossing so I had to quickly get something else to take it’s place.

I found this sturdy but not so cute looking table and thought I would have time to really do something unique with it before the other piece sold, not. So, I used my good ol’ stand by homemade chalk paint.

I am loving the Valspar flat nautical blue.

Just a reminder on how to make your own chalk paint

Any color flat latex paint
plaster of paris
throw away cup

Pour about a cup of paint into your throw away container and then add a tablespoon of plaster of paris.
Stir until most of the lumps are gone. Keep adding the plaster of paris and stirring after each addition until you get the consistency of pudding

Paint it on your piece
Let it dry
Lightly sand
Paint on another coat
Let it dry
Sand until you are happy with the look – I like the shabby look, so I sand the edges back to give it a worn look
Put a coat of paste wax on all the painted areas
Buff (a lot) put some muscle into.
and Voila, you have a lovely new piece of furniture

nautical table1

took this with my cell phone. Sorry. Below is the before.


It amazes me every time what a difference a coat of paint can make. Enjoy the day. Summer starts tomorrow.


My Sunday Garden – Fire in the Sky

You know I try to get out early to photograph my garden well, today is Father’s Day so the schedule got changed up a bit. Lucky I waited till the evening or I wouldn’t have these great shots to share with you.

First, I noticed the other day some black and yellow garden spiders had taken up residence on the gladiolus. That’s cool I thought and got my camera for a few shots.



Pretty neat, huh? Anyway, I noticed three of them all kind of close together so I thought, they must all be from the same family. Maybe, that big yellow furry ball I showed you a few weeks ago was their egg? Is it called a spider egg? Well, this evening when I went out to get some garden pics I took a look to see if anything was new with the spiders and boy howdy.

Look at this.

spider ate the spider

Somebody decided to get rid of his neighbor. Do you see the spider legs. This is very creepy to me. I almost wish they would all just leave. I thought they were friendly, but instead….. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Let’s think about……ponies for a few minutes.


Ok, I feel better.


I have a snapdragon blooming which is really odd since it is the middle of June, in Florida.


My zinnias are a little slow this year. They are just starting to bloom and with all this rain the leaves are getting a little rusty.

orange curl

Daylilies are still looking awesome, see the raindrops? We have a big thunder storms every afternoon. Makes it very humid and wet.


The crepe myrtles are starting to bloom. You will get sick of seeing my pics of them, I am sure.

just rained

Did I mention, it just got done raining. I thought maybe we would have a rainbow since the sun was still out. No rainbow today, but just look at this sky.




Did I tell you, it has been raining every afternoon. Guess, that is why they say Florida is sub-tropical.


Still have roses blooming, you are probably tired of seeing them.


Hope you were able to spend a little time with your family today. Enjoy.

Mr. Understanding didn’t get to enjoy much of the weekend since he had to work for most of it. The youngster did get him a card and some cologne. Mr. U wanted to know if we thought it was his birthday. He is so silly sometimes, but very understanding.


Vintage Friday – Sentimental Collecting and a Trip to Southern Crossing

What kind of collector are you? After months of posting Vintage Friday, I can clearly see that I am a sentimental collector. I love things that belonged to my ancestors and I really like to collect vintage items that remind me of my Grandparents and parents. When I find items similar to what I remember my grandparents having in their homes it gives me a warm sentimental feeling.

How about you? What is the reason you collect vintage? I would love to hear from you.

I want to show you an awesome letter that my Great Uncle Buck wrote to my Grandmother on February 7, 1927. My Grandmother would have been 21 and by the content of the letter it looks like her brother Buck was still in school. Sorry, I will have to ask my Dad how many years younger Buck was than my Grandmother.

The letter was written Feb 7, 1927 a Monday night from Greensboro, GA

Dear Mary I have been vaccinated last week and it hurts.

And I can’t spell to save my life

All that aren’t vaccinated have to stop school.

And mother has a bad cold and I have been going barefooted.

And I did not have to stop school

And I made B in reading and B in arithmetic and I no you are ashame of me.

And I made a in everything else.

And I am going to do even better next time.

And my arm hurts under my shoulder

I want to ask you something is it better to wear one of those shield or not

Write to me some times.

Love, Buck.

Isn’t that an awesome letter,  and I love all the “ands.”




I guess it must have been really something for him to be going barefooted in February.

This is written on about a 5×7 piece of school paper front and back. I am going to frame it because it is getting fragile. The pictures don’t really show how yellow and fragile the paper really is. He was either getting a smallpox vaccine or TB since both of these came out in 1927.

Next I want to show you a lipstick case I picked up somewhere. My Aunt Marty collected these type of things and that is probably why I have it.



Pretty cool. It has a little mirror that flips up so you can take a look at your lips. I don’t know if you can still buy lipstick refills.

Oh, and guess what? I have another one of those double sided books. I just love these things. I have always been a reader, but I don’t remember having any books like this when I was a kid.

another double

Alright, let’s go take a look around Southern Crossing.

pink monkey lamp

What do you think about the pink monkey lamp and the silver elephant?

red dresser

Cute little red dresser

I know this next one looks like a display for the booth, but it is for sale. Wouldn’t it look cute in an entryway or tucked into a little nook.


Now this one is not cubbies, but don’t you like the way she has painted the back of the shelf blue.


Well again, not a true cubby but the way she has the items displayed by keeping to certain colors – red and turquoise (one of my favorite color combo) really draws your eye up and down the whole shelf as you skip from one red item to the next.


Alright, let’s forget about the cubby thing. The next shelf has been painted an awesome turquoise color, now couldn’t you just imagine that with some great red pieces interspersed?


Ok enough talking lets just look




bed springs



luggage and dishes


You could spend all day in this place and you still wouldn’t see it all. Enjoy the day and Happy Friday the 13th.

OOps, almost forgot. I want to show you this vintage wringer washer up at Southern Crossing. The sign says it would be great as a party cooler and I have to agree.


Love it.