Right on the Edge of a New Year

This time of year always gets me thinking. What did I accomplish last year? What did I not accomplish? Once I take an inventory of the past year’s wins and fails, I am ready to jump into the New Year. I don’t make resolutions instead I clean house. Not the kind of cleaning you might be thinking of, even though Mr. Understanding would like it to be the kind you are probably thinking about. He is so understanding, still.  No, the kind of cleaning I am referring to is a mental clearing of  the clutter of the past year so that I can have some room to see the New Year breaking through.

Thank you for sharing this past year with me and all the ups and downs of life. I stopped blogging for a few months after the passing of my Mother. Her passing just stopped me cold in my tracks for a while. We have been blessed with longevity in our family and I think I had started to believe my parents would live forever. My father will be 85 in February. I now know even more how lucky I am to still have him.

I hope you will join me this coming New Year and may you find as much joy and happiness as you can stand.


Check back soon, I have some new projects in the works.



My Sunday Garden – Think Pink

I had a little surprise this past week when I pulled up behind Southern Crossing to drop off some goods for my booth. Now it is late October so what I saw was quite surprising.

pinkl Is this a beautiful hibiscus? I don’t know if this is a normal time of year for them to be blooming or not. I can’t resist a pink flower. Here is another shot


Quite stunning if you ask me. Another little surprise this week is my African violet. I have had this plant for about 6 years. I planted it in this fishbowl when it was very little. I never guessed it would decide to grow right up and out of the bowl. I don’t know what to do about it now, so I am not going to do anything unless it starts to look like it is dying. This plant blooms all the time. I have it on a table that faces a north window. It gets bright indirect sunlight everyday. I only water it once every two weeks.



That’s all I have for today. Enjoy


Halloween Jacks

Saturday morning and it is a glorious day. I have a little surprise for you today. With so little “art time” on my hands these days I have to carefully choose what I want to work on. For the last three years I have been transforming dollar store plastic pumpkins into unique one of a kind Halloween Art Jacks.

Yes, each one does require a lot of time, but boy are they great fun and the sky’s the limit. You know what I am talking about when I say dollar store pumpkin. They look like this:

orange pumpkin

So, yes this is what I was talking about. The orange buckets that are everywhere this time of year. They are perfectly nice, but you know me I can’t leave well enough alone.

Without further ado let me show you the upgraded orange plastic pumpkin


I love this face. I might translate this face to a snowman series.


And yes, he has his trusty mousetrap. You know for those late night snacks.


This one looks like a voodoo scary man. I got the sparkly top hat back at 4th of July. It had a plastic flag wraparound that was easily removed. Add the spider and voila, Halloween.


See what I mean by voodoo. Looks like he might cast a spell on you!


Ah yes, the would be Pumpkin King. He tries, but none of the other pumpkins really listen. Alright, so I have an imagination. Remember, this kind of art is for FUN.


Looks like the “King” has his life history on his back


I only have a picture of two from last year. I get in such a hurry, I forget to take pictures.


This is one of last year’s little guys. So sweet.


didn’t quite have a steady hand when I took this last year. I was probably in a big hurry, as usual.


The above is a picture of my free library stacks I got back in April. As you can see it is now October and are they built in or painted white like I intended. No and no.

I can’t get Mr. Understanding interested in this project and I need his awesome skills to complete this project. What can I say, he is so understanding.


Just imagine beautiful white shelves. They are coming.

Ok, next couple are pics are from when I was at Target the other day. I took these for inspiration only. Once I looked at the price I knew I would not be buying them, but (hehe) I might be knocking them off in some fashion or form.



Here is a Witchy project I completed recently. I took a Halloween posters and amped it up a few notches. The back board is an old cabinet door I painted to look aged. I then added the poster and did a little more painting to blend it with the cabinet door. I love it. What do you think? I did another one with a different poster, but did I take a picture, no. Sorry


Now for a few Family photos. Oh, so you thought maybe the one above was a family member? Very funny, just wait until you see the next ones.


I have always been enthralled by this picture. This is my eldest sibling. This was taken during the time when you made your own costumes. I am sure someone made this outfit especially for her or who knows maybe it was a hand me down. I should find that out? I don’t know what she was supposed to be exactly, but it is classic as far as I am concerned

I will have to drag out some of our old costumes and show them to you. Well, yes I have saved so many of the old costumes,  doesn’t everyone?

Here is the young’un modelling a mask for me. I thought I might be able to use it on one of my Pumpkin Jacks, but I wanted to see how it look on a human head first. Interesting.


I don’t know who this guy is below. I was just playing around with a picture I took at Southern Crossing. I did a little editing with picmonkey.com. If you haven’t ever used this photo editor, it is easy fun and free. Just thought I would tell you that. Right now they have some cool Halloween editing you can use on your photos. Just saying.


Hope you enjoyed this little Halloween romp. Enjoy the day. I hear the birds singing outside so I am on my way out.

Vintage Friday – Aluminum Patio Furniture

Big Breath, let it out slowly……It’s finally Friday. Now I don’t know how your schedule is these days, but we here at Three Painted Owls just do not have enough down time. It is Summer we are supposed to be laid back and lazy. Not.

Instead we try to grab every ounce of daylight, that is when we are not working our tails off. Ok, yes, we have been getting down to the beach, as evidenced by some of my recent posts, but not enough that’s for sure.

Since we are wanting to kick back what would be better for this Friday than some mid-century aluminum and wood patio furniture.

First, I want to tell you this funny little thing. To show you these pictures today I had to snap the shots, right? Well, I didn’t want to just take a picture, of course not, I have to stage my shot.

Ok, so I get home around 8 pm last night. You gotta love Summer, it is still daylight at 8 pm. Awesome.

Anyway, I get home and start taking things out to get my shot and I have to say, it looks really cute. I will show you in a minute. Hold your horses. So, I get it all set up take the shots and then I think, this is really nice so, I sit down and enjoy the sunset. Well, about that time who comes outside? Mr. U of course and what does he say? What are you doing with all that awesome stuff (read between the lines awesome stuff = junk) here in the front yard and why are you just sitting there?

Did I ever mention, he is so understanding? Well, I think to myself, doesn’t he remember my little ol’ blog that I love so much and doesn’t he see this beautiful sunset and doesn’t he know we are supposed to be trying to enjoy the Summer before it slips away? Nope, he just wants to know if I am leaving all that stuff out there? He is so understanding.

I would love to leave “the stuff” out there, but I am going to sell this awesome set so I don’t want it to get icky. That’s what happens when you leave stuff outside in Florida it gets icky. You know blazing sun, rain, sun, rain, sun…. get the picture?

Ok, enough said the first pictures are my things and then I found some more pictures and the only credit I can give on them are ebay and etsy. I did try to go to the etsy, but I guess their store is closed. Enjoy.


Told you this stuff is awesome. Nice folding chair and a great fold up rolling cart. Perfect for a cook out and so light weight.


The next ones are like I said ebay and an Etsy one. Bet you can figure out the Etsy.




Yep, if you guessed this last one for Etsy, you are right. The prices that I have seen personally on this outdoor furniture is very reasonable, so if you are a mid-century decorator you should definitely indulge.

Now for that sunset I was mentioning earlier.


No rain this afternoon so we had a great sunset and one more summer picture. I will show more of these on Sunday


Summer flowers, love them.

Alright, one last tidbit. I am working on projects. Here is an almost before. I painted it before I thought about taking a picture. This is made out of metal. Lucky 7. I will show you the finished sometime next week.


Enjoy the day and find somewhere to sit and relax for a minute.









Friday Quickie

Running in circles this week. Every feel like you are in the movie “Groundhog Day?” That has been my week. I sold a large piece up at Southern Crossing so I had to quickly get something else to take it’s place.

I found this sturdy but not so cute looking table and thought I would have time to really do something unique with it before the other piece sold, not. So, I used my good ol’ stand by homemade chalk paint.

I am loving the Valspar flat nautical blue.

Just a reminder on how to make your own chalk paint

Any color flat latex paint
plaster of paris
throw away cup

Pour about a cup of paint into your throw away container and then add a tablespoon of plaster of paris.
Stir until most of the lumps are gone. Keep adding the plaster of paris and stirring after each addition until you get the consistency of pudding

Paint it on your piece
Let it dry
Lightly sand
Paint on another coat
Let it dry
Sand until you are happy with the look – I like the shabby look, so I sand the edges back to give it a worn look
Put a coat of paste wax on all the painted areas
Buff (a lot) put some muscle into.
and Voila, you have a lovely new piece of furniture

nautical table1

took this with my cell phone. Sorry. Below is the before.


It amazes me every time what a difference a coat of paint can make. Enjoy the day. Summer starts tomorrow.


Is the Farmers Market Worth the Trip?

We took a trip to our local Farmers Market this past weekend and I am just wondering if it was worth the trip? I am not talking about one of the weekend  Farmers Markets that have been springing up all over the place these past few years. I am talking about a Farmers Market that has been operating since 1938. It is open 365 days a year. I remember it used to be a pretty scary place to go. It is located in an industrial section of town close to a big train yard. They have spruced it up some with all the competition they are getting these days with Farmers Markets that open on the weekends and offer all kinds of other activities and products. (they now have a police stop station located on the premises, doesn’t that make you feel better)

Farmers Market open since 1938

Farmers Market open since 1938

open 365 days a year

open 365 days a year


Ok, now let’s talk about the produce selection and origin of the produce. The day we went there wasn’t much customer traffic so it was easy to browse the stalls. It seemed like most of the vendors were all charging the same prices. Now I was with Mr. Understanding and the youngest so, if they saw something they liked, they wanted to try and get the cheapest best price possible. Mr. Understanding told me the vendors expect you to haggle over the price.

It was funny though, at one stall they had a sign on the cucumbers 4 for $1 so when Mr. U said he only wanted two the price changed to 3 for $1? What kind of haggling is that? He wound up getting two cucumbers and 2 green bell peppers for $1. Nice going Mr. U

nice looking veggies

nice looking veggies

The selection was good with some exotics that I don’t think were grown around here (see the pic of the mini bananas) and the pricing surprisingly was much better than the regular grocery store. We got a box of corn for $6. The regular grocery was selling the same corn this weekend 4 pieces for $2. Where did the corn come from you ask? Well, we wanted to know too. The farmer guy selling the corn told us it came from South Florida. I was trying to envision corn growing in South Florida and all I could come up with was alligators and the everglades. Sure enough though I looked it up and here is a picture of South Florida corn growing and here is corn we purchased.

cornWe bought one of these boxes. I have used 8 pieces already. I think we are going to gift our neighbor with some

Corn in box we bought and growing corn

Corn in box we bought and growing corn

We really wanted some tomatoes and I have to say the ones at the Farmers Market were very pretty and everyone had them. So, where did they come from? Tennessee. Now how is Tenn able to grow tomatoes this time of year and we haven’t even been able to get a single tomato plant in the ground yet? Well, I looked it up and I could not find where Tenn grows tomatoes this time of year so, I am thinking they must have been grown in a green house. After we got the home and got a taste, I am even more sure they were green house grown. The price was good though, 6 big red tomatoes for $2.  I did find these nifty facts when I was looking for Tenn tomato growing

  • To peel a tomato, place it into boiling water for about 10-15 seconds and their skins peel off with ease
  • Yellow tomatoes are sweeter than red tomatoes because they have more sugar content.
  • Tomato juice can counteract the smell of skunk.
Youngster looking over tomatoes, oh my mistake, youngster looking at cellular device

Youngster looking over tomatoes, oh my mistake, youngster looking at cellular device

I would have to say a trip to our local Farmers Market was worth it. We spent about $10 and got

  • 2 cucumbers
  • 2 green bell peppers
  • a box of corn – 18 pieces
  • 6 tomatoes
  • a head of romaine lettuce
Mr. U ready to go

Mr. U ready to go

still checking it out

still checking it out

petunias mini bana more veggies broc

They did have Florida grown watermelons already. It is going to have to get a little warmer and stop raining before I am in the mood to spit watermelon seeds.

One more picture. Aren’t these the cutest little egg sized eggplants. Got to find a recipe for those

egg size eggplants

egg size eggplants

Hope you enjoyed this little field trip. I would love to hear about your local Farmers Market.

Old School Mural Painting

Wow, I can’t believe it is raining again and tonight it is supposed to get down to 45 unbelievable we are in Florida and it is the middle of April (so April showers bring May flowers, right?) I am beginning to wonder if we are every going to get to plant our veggie garden this year. You would think rain would be good for a garden but, I am telling you this is just to much rain. If we planted everything would drown.

Ok. I want to show you some of my murals and other paintings. I don’t know if you have any (real pictures) not digital,  I do and I guess I could scan them to make them look better but, today I just took pictures of them with my phone. My painting style has changed quite a bit since I did  most of these but, I think you might like them for pure entertainment purposes.

These are all done with acrylics except the outside ones which I used latex and sealed.

Here goes

This one drove me crazy, it was in an elementary school cafeteria and the kids would line up along this wall and scratch on the painting before I could get it sealed

This one drove me crazy, it was in an elementary school cafeteria and the kids would line up along this wall and scratch on the painting before I could get it sealed


Some bulletin boards at the same school

Some bulletin boards at the same school


Me at the Southern Women's show

Me at the Southern Women’s show

did I mention these are pictures of pictures?

this is a privacy fence painted to match the brick on the house. Pretty cool and the morning glories grew so nicely to fill in

this is a privacy fence painted to match the brick on the house. Pretty cool and the morning glories grew so nicely to fill in


this is a pump house I painted to look like brick. These bricks match the ones on his house

this is a pump house I painted to look like brick. These bricks match the ones on his house


Another of the pump house just painted to look like brick

Another of the pump house just painted to look like brick


This one was painted in a game room that was full of Miami Hurricane memorabilia

This one was painted in a game room that was full of Miami Hurricane memorabilia

Hope these brighten up your day. I have to run out in this rain. Enjoy





Stroll Through Southern Crossing Antique Mall

Greetings. I am late today but, I have a treat for you. Today I want to take you on a little stroll through the Antique Mall where yours truly (that would be me) has a space. I have been at the Mall for 3 years. The Mall is located in a historical district and has been in operation for 17 years . There are over 100 dealers (I am going to show you just a few of them today)

So the name Antique Mall is a little deceptive. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely antiques being sold here but, there is also a lot of other awesome stuff being sold here too.

I decided to get a space here for several reasons

  1. I knew the owner long before I rented a space
  2. I wanted a physical location to sell my handmade art pieces
  3. There is a lot of foot traffic through this store

I am sure there are more reasons but, these are the top three. I have met a lot of wonderful people (other dealers and customers)

What else can I tell you about this place? It is not like a normal store, it is more like Alice in Wonderland. There are numerous rooms, the ceilings are 20 feet high in some places and 7 feet in other places, you could spend hours here and not see everything. People sell vintage jewelry, clothes, toys, art, antiques, junk, chalkboards, lots of painted furniture, kitsch, and every era.

Some people focus on certain items and others have a hodge-podge of stuff. Some people have their spaces arranged with everything perfect and others just have it free flowing.

I know people that love this place and I know people that say it is over load and overwhelming whichever, like I said the place has a lot of traffic and if you want something you better get it because the next time you come it probably won’t be there.

Ok now for some pictures. As I mentioned this is just a sampling, It would take me days to photograph the whole place.


a little of everything

Some of my stuff

Some of my stuff


Me again

Me again


My Booth

My Booth




What do you think about the old books rolled up?


I thought this was an interesting display


Someone is ready for Easter

Someone is ready for Easter


nice painted chair

nice painted chair


How about a microscope?

How about a microscope?


More furniture

More furniture


Soap and hardware, sounds right to me

Soap and hardware, sounds right to me

Ok, so you can see I wasn’t kidding there is something for everyone in here. You can find stuff in the this place that you didn’t even know you wanted. Next time we take a stroll through here, we will go to the other side. Hope you enjoyed this little adventure.





Trompe l’ Oeil Art in my Home

Trompe l’Oeil is art that “fools the eye.” I have always been fascinated with this art form and attempted it a few times in my own home. Mr. Understanding must also enjoy this art form because when I start talking about painting over some of these attempts, he always talks me out of it. The first one is of a dog that is always waiting at the kitchen door. I am not sure if he is waiting to go out or for someone to come in. The dog has been there so long, I don’t even see him anymore. The last time he was brought to my attention was when we had a young neighbor come over and he kept asking me “what is the your dog’s name”? What? Your dog, what is his name? Oh, Ol’Yeller? Sounds good to me.


He is such a good dog.

This same little neighbor wanted to know what we had upstairs and could he go up there? I told him no, he could not go upstairs because the floors up there are unstable. He kept wondering about this and finally said, “there is something wrong with these stairs.” Boy, I had him fooled for a while.

I don’t know if Mr. Understanding was trying to pull my leg but, he said when an appraiser came to the house a few years back the man came around the corner into the kitchen and said “I didn’t realize this was a two story house.” I cannot confirm this since I was not there, so we will have to just go along with Mr. Understanding for now.



We have a 10 ft ceiling in the kitchen so at the time this was a great way to fill up the wall without taking up any space. Like I said, I am kind of over this and would love to paint over it but, I keep getting out voted.

I want to show you one more. This one is in my youngest former room but, he has since taken over another bedroom and now this is the junk – I mean treasure storage room. There is so much (treasure) in this room I couldn’t really get a full picture of this wall. I painted this at a time when the youngest was just starting to sleep alone in his big boy room and so naturally what would make him feel more secure than a not so friendly guard with a big spear watching over him. Yeah sure,  just writing that makes me  feel more secure.

guarding the junk

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into my trompe l’ oeil attempts. I would love to see yours, drop me a line. See you later. Enjoy.