Paint Overs are Far Better than Comb Overs

I have a great idea….something new and fun … More Paint Overs are Far Better than Comb Overs


A Sticky Situation

Why does it seem that painters, carpenters, plumbers….have the hardest time getting something completed at their own homes? I have a project underway to paint my Master bathroom. I am on a deadline and yet I have to drag myself in there to get it done! Now if it were someone else’s home, I would … More A Sticky Situation

Pumpkin Pickin’ Time

Something just start changing in the way the light hits the windows in the afternoon. The air, while still humid and sticky has a tiny feel of the coming cooler weather. Florida never really has a true Fall, but we up here in the top of the state still embrace one of the best and fleeting seasons of the year, It’s Fall y’all as the saying goes … More Pumpkin Pickin’ Time

Super Heros Repurposed

Just finished up a repurposed toy project. Who doesn’t love toys? What could be better, toys and functional, who knew. Wish I had more time to tell you about this project, but I have to run. Enjoy and we will dissect this project later.