My Sunday Garden – It’s Looking Seedy Around Here

Mid October and the summer garden is just about gone to seed. I walked around in the way back this afternoon and captured a few wild flowers.

What I want to show you about today’s garden is how editing the photos certain ways can really change the perspective.

Now I am no photographer and I don’t even have a camera that will capture images that clearly, but I love to play around with the pictures I take.

Here is the same picture cropped and edited several different ways.

First the original


now the edits

wudk 20141019_1759065 20141019_1759063 20141019_1759062 20141019_1759061

I took all of these pictures with my Samsung tablet.






Last of the zinnias




I am working on some Christmas projects for Southern Crossing hope to show some to you later this week.



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