My Sunday Garden History and Statues

What a beautiful day we are having here in North Florida. The birds are whistling the sky is an incredible blue, there is a gentle cool breeze and we have the windows all open. Rare, I tell you. It is usually either to humid or way to hot for open windows.

I would take a walk about the yard to show you some of what’s blooming, but we have had an incredible amount of rain this past week (6 inches) and so the ground is pure mush. You may or may not know here in Florida when you dig down you hit water at about 3 feet so when we have a lot of rain there is not much place for the water to go.

I had a few minutes this past week to stop and take a couple of pictures (with my Samsung tablet) I have been carrying my camera around, but left it at home on the day I had time to take pictures.

The first couple are of San Marco Square. 1SanMarco This is a picture I got off of a Jacksonville Historical Website. See the fountain right there in the middle. This area was developed in 1925


Here is the fountain as it appears today. The Lions weren’t added until 1997. The original design for San Marco was after Venice’s Piazza San Marco. It is a lovely part of town full of trendy little shops and restaurants and lots of historical homes. twolions




Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

I also, stopped by Memorial Park in Riverside. The next photos are of a bronze statue titled “Life” This park was completed in 1924 and was designed by the Olmsted Bros who also designed Central Park

memorial park


Just look at that beautiful Florida blue sky. There are Eagle statues flanking the main statue


This is a great park right on the St. Johns River. A nice place for a picnic or to let the kids run around.

I just love these wonderful parks we have here in town, just don’t get enough time to enjoy them. Ok, now I want to show you a little more history. This is family history. I was up in Georgia this past week and had a chance to take some pictures of family.

The first one is a picture of my mother, her sisters, mother and my sister. I believe this is circa 1956, before I was born, at a time when my sister was an only child. What do you think? My sweet Aunt Roseanne is on the right of my sister.


My mother is on the left of my sister ( the little cute one standing up). My Grandmother is in the back and on the far left is my lovely Aunt Marty. She is the one who painted the rocks I showed you here

Here is a picture of my Dad with one of his all time favorite cars, and my sister again before I was born.

dads car

That’s enough of my sister. Just kidding. Ok, fast forward to say 1969 – Morrocco. Even though this is a picture of me, the story is about my sister. She got to take horse back riding lessons in the morrocan countryside from a lovely English lady while I got to ride the —-donkey. Who would not budge.  He acted like it was his first time every to nibble fresh Spring greens. What fashion style I had in those days. Not.

me and the donkey

When we first got to Morrocco we lived in a hotel for several months. Mary Poppins the movie had come out and I loved it. My Mother came up with the idea to recreate a scene from the movie. Me as Mary Poppins, my brother as the “Chimney Sweep” and my little sister well, as herself. We are standing on the roof top of the Mamora Hotel in Kenitra Morrocco. My Mother was always so creative
mary poppins

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your Sunday. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the statues we have around town. Oh, the picture at the top of this post is my sister and “her gang.” My sister is towards the right, hands down and looking directly at the camera. Got to love these vintage family photos.








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