Twinkle Lights and Canvas, Repurposed

Since I have been so short on time lately, I am reduced down to quick, but yet still awesome projects. I am having to be more selective and pick projects with a wow factor.

These are the projects that when finished will eventually show up at my space at Southern Crossing or if I ever get truly organized on my Etsy Shop.

I still have long term personal projects going on, that goes without saying. I find having a project or two or three going on is relaxing yet stimulating at the same time. Do you know what I mean?

Well, time is a wasting so let me show you what I have completed lately. I am a decorative painter and one of the things I like to paint on is canvas. I am not talking new canvas, although when I find them for a great price, I do get them. No, I am talking repurposing as in Thrift store canvases that already have something painted on them. See the one below. Not my style but once I paint over it no one will ever know


I just put a new coat of primer on and voila, a fresh canvas ready to go for a fraction of the price. Now a word of caution, you do need to look at these canvases very carefully because sometimes they have lost some of the tightness of a new canvas or they have dents in them.

The two projects I have completed are both repurposed canvases.

First, I sprayed them with black chalkboard paint, yes you heard me chalkboard spray paint.
At this point you could just hang it on the wall and use it as a chalkboard. Did I do that, of course not that would be to easy.

Next step, get a string of white twinkle lights the ones that have 10 -20 lights on a string.

Use a piece of chalk and put dots on the front where you think you want the lights to poke through

See where I have the dots in the left top corner. This is where I want my lights to shine through.

It might be a good idea to write on the canvas also, just to make sure you have room to write and the lights won’t interfere with your message. If you are going to really use it like a chalkboard then I would just keep the lights close to the edge. What? Well, yes you could use it like a chalkboard just use a damp cloth when you want to clean it.

Now on to adding the lights. Very carefully, use the smallest thing possible to make the holes. Remember, you can always make the hole bigger, but it is a bear to try make a hole smaller once you have pierced the canvas. I used a nail and very gently pushed it through the canvas.



Here is the spray painted canvas with my saying written on with chalk. Now I can see where I want the lights. I poked the holes very very  slowly and carefully through the canvas. Slow down, take your time. You get really mess up your canvas at this point. Just saying. For this one I also went back and painted the words on with white acrylic paint. I wanted this to be a more permanent sign.


Now I want to show you the back. I did take hot glue and put a little dab at the base of each light just to keep the lights from moving around or popping out. See on this one I didn’t get my paint on the back edges so you can still the colors of the original canvas.

back of light

This project is great for almost any occasion that you want to add a little glitz and sparkle to. How about at a birthday party, Christmas, Wedding reception (you could light up the Newlywed’s initials in lights).  The possibilities are endless and as I mentioned you don’t have to paint the words on just use chalk and then you could change it as you felt like it.

Look at this chalkboard canvas from Drop Design wouldn’t it be cute with the lights added to the chandys?



Hope you enjoyed this fun project. I am going to make some more hope you make one too.





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