My Sunday Garden – When Nothing Goes Right, Go to the Beach

Sunday is a day of rest, right? Well, I have been in a rat race lately. I haven’t had time to do anything I want to do so, today we are heading to the beach to regroup.

I have some awesome projects started, but nothing far enough along to show you. The garden is about shot what with the heat and now the daily thunder boomers. We had 3 inches of rain Friday afternoon.

Let’s all just put our toes in the sand this afternoon and…..


We got to the beach and I thought ahhhh, this will be nice I brought my camera there are some waves today and wow look at the clouds. My camera won’t turn on. What? Last time I went to use it, when we were at Disney for the 4th of July, I had forgotten the memory card so no great Disney pics. What now?

I had taken two of the batteries out to use in my wireless mouse. Darn it. So the pictures are from my handy Samsung tablet. Not bad, but I was hoping for fantastic.

Mr. Understanding did go to the beach with us today. He is not always one for spontaneity so the youngster and I were pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday Beach day


Yes, that is the youngster’s head out there


Next is the elusive Mr. U. He won’t ever look directly at the camera and if he does he won’t smile.


There were a lot of people at the beach today I was just able to get a shot in between



Sea oats. The tide was high when we got there this morning so we were sitting back by the dunes.

I made this little “BEACH” art for you while we were there. Cute huh?


Bunch of broken shells. It is a good thing we got up and went early because now it is pouring rain outside. I think it is supposed to do this everyday this week:(

I do have a couple of pics of the zinnias



Oh, and I have this picture to show you. I am still taking the youngster to physical therapy for his knee. We stopped on the way there this past Thursday and saw this by the place we stopped at to get a snack.


Yes, the kind of art I love. Repurposed! Pretty cool.

Don’t have anything else for you at the moment. Enjoy and I think Germany is about to Win the World Cup





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