Vintage Friday – Sentimental Collecting and a Trip to Southern Crossing

What kind of collector are you? After months of posting Vintage Friday, I can clearly see that I am a sentimental collector. I love things that belonged to my ancestors and I really like to collect vintage items that remind me of my Grandparents and parents. When I find items similar to what I remember my grandparents having in their homes it gives me a warm sentimental feeling.

How about you? What is the reason you collect vintage? I would love to hear from you.

I want to show you an awesome letter that my Great Uncle Buck wrote to my Grandmother on February 7, 1927. My Grandmother would have been 21 and by the content of the letter it looks like her brother Buck was still in school. Sorry, I will have to ask my Dad how many years younger Buck was than my Grandmother.

The letter was written Feb 7, 1927 a Monday night from Greensboro, GA

Dear Mary I have been vaccinated last week and it hurts.

And I can’t spell to save my life

All that aren’t vaccinated have to stop school.

And mother has a bad cold and I have been going barefooted.

And I did not have to stop school

And I made B in reading and B in arithmetic and I no you are ashame of me.

And I made a in everything else.

And I am going to do even better next time.

And my arm hurts under my shoulder

I want to ask you something is it better to wear one of those shield or not

Write to me some times.

Love, Buck.

Isn’t that an awesome letter,  and I love all the “ands.”




I guess it must have been really something for him to be going barefooted in February.

This is written on about a 5×7 piece of school paper front and back. I am going to frame it because it is getting fragile. The pictures don’t really show how yellow and fragile the paper really is. He was either getting a smallpox vaccine or TB since both of these came out in 1927.

Next I want to show you a lipstick case I picked up somewhere. My Aunt Marty collected these type of things and that is probably why I have it.



Pretty cool. It has a little mirror that flips up so you can take a look at your lips. I don’t know if you can still buy lipstick refills.

Oh, and guess what? I have another one of those double sided books. I just love these things. I have always been a reader, but I don’t remember having any books like this when I was a kid.

another double

Alright, let’s go take a look around Southern Crossing.

pink monkey lamp

What do you think about the pink monkey lamp and the silver elephant?

red dresser

Cute little red dresser

I know this next one looks like a display for the booth, but it is for sale. Wouldn’t it look cute in an entryway or tucked into a little nook.


Now this one is not cubbies, but don’t you like the way she has painted the back of the shelf blue.


Well again, not a true cubby but the way she has the items displayed by keeping to certain colors – red and turquoise (one of my favorite color combo) really draws your eye up and down the whole shelf as you skip from one red item to the next.


Alright, let’s forget about the cubby thing. The next shelf has been painted an awesome turquoise color, now couldn’t you just imagine that with some great red pieces interspersed?


Ok enough talking lets just look




bed springs



luggage and dishes


You could spend all day in this place and you still wouldn’t see it all. Enjoy the day and Happy Friday the 13th.

OOps, almost forgot. I want to show you this vintage wringer washer up at Southern Crossing. The sign says it would be great as a party cooler and I have to agree.


Love it.



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