DIY Wedding – Let Your Guests Belly up to the Candy Bar


Thinking about what wedding favors are easy, quick, and not to hard on the budget? How about a Candy Bar/Buffet? I have found lot’s of great examples for you. Let’s talk about this first one. Do you have a piece of furniture that has been in family for several generations? Why not include it in your reception décor like the awesome shabby chic dresser above. See the favor boxes in the drawers? Look at the great silver plated dishes used for the macaroons and the sweet little cupcakes in the shot glasses?

The next example is again a piece of furniture that the bride had in her family. This is one we personally set up for a wedding.

candy table

We just put it in the back of a pick-up truck and took it up to the reception space. Don’t you love how the room is reflected in the mirror. We picked up all the jars at thrift stores. Remember when you are DIYing start early so you have time to find those awesome pieces. We had the little favor bags in the drawers. The bride and groom used their favorite candies. Needless to say, we refilled the jars several times and when the reception was over there was not a single piece of candy left except a few smushed m&ms on the floor!


This next one is really sweet. Ha-Ha no pun intended. If you are planning a fall wedding this one would be perfect. Caramel apple decorating. This might be a little messy, but who cares you and your groom will be long gone when the clean up starts:) Huh, that doesn’t sound to good does it? Leaving a big sticky mess behind for someone else to clean up. Well, maybe this would be good for an outside late summer wedding.

bar caramel apple amy atlas

via Amy Atlas

If you are a fan of the “all one color candy bar”, here a few ideas.


All White with silver accents. Looks pretty simple, but you would probably have to either find a real candy store or order all the white candy on line. Although, on second look I see Jordan almonds, white macaroons, white after dinner mints, white cupcakes, and marshmallow looking things. What do you see?

Now about the containers. I would try to borrow as many as I could. Everyone has at least one awesome vase or jar. Thrift stores as I mentioned before and when you are done with them either donate them back or start some kind of small collection like seashells or buttons because both of those look great in jars. I am just saying.

Here is another all white one.


via mommygaga

So, who wouldn’t love a candy bar/buffet. Just make yourself a list of your favorite candies, or pick candies that match your wedding colors, find, borrow, beg some containers, buy some cute little bags or boxes and let your guests take home a sweet reminder of your special day.

Ok, one more tip for using candy as wedding favors, keep it simple, I promise you the guests will still love it. Just look at this one. I think it is my favorite and green is not my favorite color, except for money, but we are talking about candy, candy as favors for your awesome DIY wedding. Believe me there is a lot to do on your special day so you don’t want to be worrying about favors or breaking the bank buying favors, right? To find all these green candies might take a little more looking than a mix of colors would. I saw the clear scoops they are using at of all places the Dollar Tree which means when you are doing DIY you should give yourself enough time to shop all kinds of different places or at least give the folks you have assigned tasks to enough time to shop for the deals. For instance if you know you are having a June wedding and it is October, you can get great deals on the bags or boxes for the favors since several holidays are going to roll by that are candy related i.e. Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. Look for the after the holiday clearance.


Go buy yourself a candy bar and get started thinking about you and your sweetie’s favorite candies. Darn, no pun intended there either. Enjoy

Alright one more, but I am warning you this could be DIY but not on a budget.


via sweetido









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