Something is Lurking in My Garden

Went out to check the gardens this morning. The day is beautiful sunny and bright but, the grass is very damp and I was bare footed.

Everything was looking lovely until I started noticing, something is lurking around the garden.

mocking bird nest

mocking bird nest

More about this nest in a moment. First, someone or something has been digging holes all over the place as evidenced by this big hole

big hole1

The girl washing her dog in one of the bird baths didn’t appear to be alarmed by the mysterious happenings going on in the garden. What can I say, she washes that dog a lot.


What is this orb thing? Now, I am trying to decide if this is an egg for a bunch of horrible garden pests that are going to pop out and eat all my summer flowers, or is it a little sweet incubator for good bugs? The question is, do I do away with now or take my chances and let whatever hatch out?


Well, I moved on to look at the lantana which is starting to send out some pretty blooms. This is a great summer bloomer and adds lots of color.

When I went to crop the picture what did I spot. Do you see him? I had my nose right down there taking the picture and didn’t even notice. You know this is Florida and as the summer progresses I will probably be showing you just as many bugs as I do flowers.

nice and tiny

How about the mint? This stuff grows like a weed but, I love it. I pinch it off and give it a little chew and it takes me back to when  I lived in Morrocco as a young girl. Here is mint tea check out this post, she is talking about Tunisia which is also in North Africa. Interesting read

mint tea

Well now, let’s get back to the lurker. Oh, let me show you my mint. I have it in a pot so it does not take over the garden


yes, those are very raggedy marigolds in there with the mint. Trying to revive them. I left them in their little pots from the store and they almost withered away. Sorry, I have been busy with inside projects. We can discuss those later.


Is this my lurker?

I don’t think so. He pretty much stays put right here

Let’s stop looking for the lurker for a few moments  and enjoy some beauty. This ligustrum is so fragrant. I smell it and the wild honeysuckle all down our road. Wish I could bottle it up for winter. Yes, I could buy that scent but, we know it is not the same as the real thing.
My Queen Elizabeth bloomed out last Sunday, right in time for Mother’s Day. Mr. U gave me this rose for Mother’s Day when the youngster was born and surprise, this Mother’s Day the youngster brought home a rose he picked out for me

St Patrick hybrid tea rose

St Patrick hybrid tea rose

I need to get this beauty into the ground.


We have bird’s nests everywhere. This one is up in one of the East Palatka holly trees. These are ornamental holly trees that can be cut into topiaries. You see I stress the “can be cut” we just can’t keep up with that kind of maintenance so, the best we can do is a nice cone shape. We have 6 of these, and I like them because of the lovely red berries they get for the Fall and Winter months.

I have not discovered what is lurking around but, I did check out the mocking bird nest that I showed you at the beginning (it is in a Japanese plum tree) and the eggs are gone! Not, cracked like the birds hatched but, truly gone. The nest is empty. I took the picture with the eggs this past Monday and now no eggs, birds, just empty. Weird.

I will let you know if I figure out what’s out there.

Enjoy your day



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