Let’s Get Fruity – Ways to DIY your Wedding with Fruit

Unique, colorful, tasty. This time of year fruit is plentiful in most parts of the country. Why not think about using fruit as a way to DIY your wedding?  Hey, you can even use it for wedding favors. Who wouldn’t like that?

Here are some of my favorites

peaches and cream

Isn’t this just so romantic. I could not find the source for this picture. Looks fairly simple to recreate.

Love the colors in this centerpiece of kiwi and green grapes

green grapes

courtesy of chanceycharmingweddings

How about this beautiful fruit tray

fruit tray

Divas Can Cook give you a step-by-step on how to create this tray here

Fruit infused water and look, they are using mason jars. Looks refreshing for a summer DIY wedding


You can find out more here at wedding snap This one would be great for any occasion.

Now for some fruity favors

Fresh Fruit Wedding Favors - Fruits Wrapped in Paper and Tied with Ribbon


You could write a little thank you for coming note to wrap around the fruit, maybe your initials,  or a sweet recipe.

Peaches seem to be a popular “wedding fruit” or maybe I just like peaches 🙂

popular peaches

found on borrowedandblue.com can’t get much easier than this. Fruit, basket, burlap, diy sign (doesn’t have to be a chalkboard) but, sure is cute.

Now if you really want to go all out, how about a whole fruit stand

fruit stand favors


Wow! Trip to the farmer’s market, anyone? This would be great for a summer birthday party as well.

This was fun. Hope this has inspired you to use some fruit at your DIY wedding.







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