Projects In the Works – Chalkboards and Mirrors

I never start one project at a time. No, I have to start 2,3,4….why, it’s just the way I work. I guess one project feeds off another. It drives Mr. Understanding crazy. It goes something like this, Him- don’t start another project, you already have this other stuff going. Me – it’s only going to take a minute to get this stuff done and….. on and on it goes. He is so understanding and did I mention he is a carpenter too!

I have been picking up drawers lately. Usually, they get a nice paint color and the inside is painted with chalkboard paint, very sweet.

Drawer repurposed into chalkboard

Drawer repurposed into chalkboard

Well, that is great and I like the look but, I thought what else could weI do with the drawers. Bingo, how about a mirror? To bad we didn’t  have a mirror lying around that would fit in the drawer. Oh, how about if we cut a mirror to fit?

No, no, no. Guess who said that? Right, Mr. U.

First, he said we don’t have a mirror and second we don’t have the tools.

Voila, I said as I pulled out a huge sheet of mirror. I saved it from when we changed out the mirrors in the powder room.

He wasn’t ready to give up yet. We don’t have the tools he said.

I pulled up good ol’ youtube and guess what? All you need is one little cutting tool. Next thing you know we are in the parking lot of our home improvement store and Mr. U is loading potting soil, fertilizer, paint, plants, and one little glass cutting tool into the back of his truck.

Well you know you can’t burn gas to go get just one little thing.

Anyway, you should have seen us out there. It was about 100 degrees the mirror is blinding us and we  no just me is trying to figure out which way is up on this cutting tool. Did I mention Mr. U had gone back in the house shaking his head muttering something about, people starting projects that don’t know what they are doing? He is so understanding, just saying.

I got him back out there. After all I needed someone to get the correct measurements.

So, this is where the project stands

got the mirror cut

got the mirror cut

got the mirror cut, (it is dirty not cracked) Now I just need to silicone it into the drawer after I give the drawer a little dry brushing with some paint. Then I am going to use some cording to go around the cut edge of the mirror. One thing about this drawer, it stands up very nicely.

Show you the finished one later.

Well, I saw one of my thrifting pals yesterday and was telling her about the drawer and how I need some cord to edge it.

She said she had a stash of cord and I should come check it out.  So I did. Why am I telling you this? Because, I want to show you some mirrors she embellished with vintage buttons.

Now be warned, I only had my phone so the pictures are good but, not stellar





Pretty cool, huh? I thought so. She also edged a chalkboard she made

vintage metal buttons

vintage metal buttons

As soon as I got home, I pulled out a mirror I have been wondering what to do with? Now I know.

Pretty dusty but I am so stealing her idea

Pretty dusty but I am so stealing her idea

I did make another chalkboard when I was working on the mirror drawer. I know I said I wanted something besides chalkboards.

This one is from an old cabinet door. Hinges still on it, great. I ran a wire through the screw holes on the hinges for a hanger. Then I glued on a scrabble tile tray to hold the chalk. What do you think?

made from an old cabinet door

made from an old cabinet door

Guess I better get back to work. Enjoy.

I do want to show you one more thing.

Almost bumped right into this

Almost bumped right into this

Mocking bird eggs. I almost banged my head on her nest. Pretty cool.


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