Mother’s Day – The Gloves are Off

Mother’s Day a time to celebrate the women in our lives. We all get caught up in the everyday rush of things but, on Mother’s Day we need to slow down a bit and thank the woman who has cheered us when others haven’t, given us those words of encouragement that everything is going to be ok, nagged us, pushed us, …you get the picture. I am sure most of us can visualize this lady, she might not have been the one who birthed you but, she is the one who has always been there for you.

Here at Three Painted Owls we know a wonderful woman who is a great mom, wife, sister, daughter, and an awesome friend. We wanted to give her a little treat for Mother’s Day so we set up a photo shoot this week for her and her two daughters. Here’s to you, Maggie. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the other Mothers out there.

We also had a wonderful photographer this week. Katie Harrison from KH Lifestyle Photography was gracious enough to take on this last minute request. Thank you Katie.

Thanks Katie for the wonderful photos

Thanks Katie for the wonderful photos

We set this shoot up at Maggie’s home. We wanted to have a little fun so, we had the girls and Maggie don their white gloves and for Maggie, a tiara. After all it is Mother’s Day.


What could be better. Everyone had on their white gloves and we pulled out our mix and match china. Ok, the tea set is a little tarnished but, that’s not the point is it?



these cookies look great. guess what? shhh, we got them at the dollar store

these cookies look great. guess what? shhh, we got them at the dollar store

We set the table with what we had. That was the fun of it. Use what you have. Pull out the stuff you have for that “special occasion.” What day could be more special than Mother’s Day?


Sarah was worried about getting chocolate on her gloves. Who cares. I mean how often are you wearing these gloves. We got them at the thrift store, need I say more? Fun


We got a bunch of daisies from the grocery store. Sarah really liked the little daisy crown we made for her. Just another way to make the day special for Mom.


Aww, mom.


I don’t think Molly was quite into this when we first got started but, it looks like she is having a great time and what a beautiful young woman. Thanks Molly.


Molly pouring tea for Mom.


Just having fun.


Ok, fun is fun but, let’s take the gloves off and show the real thing


See, you don’t have to get all fancy to just spend a little time with mom.


Cheers to you, Mom.


It was a picture perfect day.



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. We have the table set for you. Enjoy.

Styled by: Three Painted Owls

Photography: KH Lifestyle Photography –

all photos on this site are the property of ThreePaintedOwls and KHlifestylePhotography.  Not for commercial use without permission



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