Rock, Paper, Scissor – Roshambo a Tutorial

Ok, don’t be disappointed when I tell you this is not a tutorial on how to win at RPS every time. If you are looking for that you might find it here at the Rock Paper Scissor Society, no kidding. I found that site when I googled the origins of RPS or Roshambo. This game may have started in Japan. It is unclear as to the true origins.The origin of the game doesn’t really matter for the tutorial.  I am a scissor collector. Of course, I am not happy just collecting, I want to do something with the items I collect.

Here are some of my scissors just as a collection




See nice but, not doing anything.


Also nice, in a jar. Still not satisfied.

I don’t recall what made me think of a rock, paper, scissor project but, I have to say it turned out pretty awesome.

Here is how you can make your own Rock Paper Scissor art and if you are not inclined to make your own, I do offer them for sale. Well, what’s wrong with that? Exactly, some people just want the finished project; me I like the doing of the project.

Ok, materials for this project:

  • a rectangular frame (just looks better) I got mine at the thrift
  • scissors
  • vintage paper
  • a rock
  • burlap for backing
  • wire, I had some lovely copper wire
  • wire cutters and glue

Once you have gathered your materials, here are mine

I just deconstructed a picture I got at the thrift

I just deconstructed a picture I got at the thrift

You don’t need the glass from the frame. (I guess I am a sheet glass collector even though I don’t want to be), I have so many pieces of glass from frames I have repurposed. Anybody got an idea?

Now that you have your materials. Glue the burlap to the cardboard back of the frame. Wire your scissors, and rock to the cardboard, I just poked little holes and tied the wire on the back.

Find a piece of vintage paper you like. I think mine is from a dictionary. I used the page that had the definition for “paper.” Cute, huh? The paper I glued to the burlap.

Pop it all back together and voila, ART.

Here are a couple I have made.



Here is the one with the materials I showed you above



Hope this gives you some ideas for what you might do with some of your collections that are just “sitting” around.





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