Repurposed Window Screen and Organic Picture Hanging

It’s Monday. We changed our theme this weekend. As much as I was enjoying the chalkboard background I felt we needed to streamline a little bit. Ok, so what is organic picture hanging you ask? Well, what it means to me is don’t get bogged down in the details, like all that measuring stuff that Mr. Understanding likes to do. Hence, I did this project when he was not home. He tries to be understanding when he hears me start banging on the walls with a hammer but, he can only take so much. Then next thing I know he wants to start measuring from the ceiling to the picture, picture to picture, distance between the picture and each wall, and on and on. We could spend all afternoon hanging up a few little pictures that I will probably change out in the next 6 months anyway.

So with organic picture hanging I layout what I want to hang on the floor:





Ok, I layout it a little better than that:


See now at least I know everything will fit. Next step I start hanging. Yes, I might have to make a couple extra holes but, who is ever going to know. The extra holes, (they are tiny I might add) are hidden away under the pictures

updated organic picture hanging



Now just see how awesome this looks. Next time you want to hang a group of little pictures look around for a large picture frame or in my case an old screen window to use as your “mat” and try it the “organic way.”  Enjoy



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