Vintage Friday 3/28/2014

Yes it is Friday. I like Friday don’t you? Today I am going to show you some sewing related items. These are all items from my Grandmother King’s home. She was born in 1906 and lived a full 96 years. I miss her everyday but, I feel like I have a little piece of her in these little sewing notions. My Grandmother was a young woman of 24 when the depression started and she was a new mother as my father was born in 1930. I think even if there had not been a depression my Grandmother would have still been a thrifty little woman. One of the things she collected was buttons. I wondered why she had so many buttons. She stored them in pill bottles, make-up bottles, and little jelly jars. She had them sorted by colors. She also had a lot of zippers. I did not keep those, darn. Here are some of her buttons.


I asked my dad about all these little bottles of buttons and bags of zippers and he told me that back during the depression there were “rag men” who would come down the road to collect any old clothing or rags but, would only take the clothes if all the buttons and zippers were removed. I think my Grandmother must have kept this practice up long after the Depression ended since there were so many buttons and zippers!

My Grandmother also liked to sew. She liked to tailor her own clothes because, she was such a little tiny woman and she had a hard time finding clothes she liked and that fit. Below are some wonderful wooden spools of thread and a few pin cushions.




Hope I made your day a little brighter, I know mine is because I got  to tell you a little about my wonderful Grandmother and her little collection of sewing notions. Enjoy




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