Trompe l’ Oeil Art in my Home

Trompe l’Oeil is art that “fools the eye.” I have always been fascinated with this art form and attempted it a few times in my own home. Mr. Understanding must also enjoy this art form because when I start talking about painting over some of these attempts, he always talks me out of it. The first one is of a dog that is always waiting at the kitchen door. I am not sure if he is waiting to go out or for someone to come in. The dog has been there so long, I don’t even see him anymore. The last time he was brought to my attention was when we had a young neighbor come over and he kept asking me “what is the your dog’s name”? What? Your dog, what is his name? Oh, Ol’Yeller? Sounds good to me.


He is such a good dog.

This same little neighbor wanted to know what we had upstairs and could he go up there? I told him no, he could not go upstairs because the floors up there are unstable. He kept wondering about this and finally said, “there is something wrong with these stairs.” Boy, I had him fooled for a while.

I don’t know if Mr. Understanding was trying to pull my leg but, he said when an appraiser came to the house a few years back the man came around the corner into the kitchen and said “I didn’t realize this was a two story house.” I cannot confirm this since I was not there, so we will have to just go along with Mr. Understanding for now.



We have a 10 ft ceiling in the kitchen so at the time this was a great way to fill up the wall without taking up any space. Like I said, I am kind of over this and would love to paint over it but, I keep getting out voted.

I want to show you one more. This one is in my youngest former room but, he has since taken over another bedroom and now this is the junk – I mean treasure storage room. There is so much (treasure) in this room I couldn’t really get a full picture of this wall. I painted this at a time when the youngest was just starting to sleep alone in his big boy room and so naturally what would make him feel more secure than a not so friendly guard with a big spear watching over him. Yeah sure,  just writing that makes me  feel more secure.

guarding the junk

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into my trompe l’ oeil attempts. I would love to see yours, drop me a line. See you later. Enjoy.


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