Super Heroes Take Over the Globe

I love vintage globes. Remember the first Vintage Friday when I showed you a sample of my collection? If not, you can take a peek here. I have been collecting them for the last couple of years but, now the time has come for me to do something with them. All the vintage junk I buy/collect eventually winds up getting the “three painted owls repurpose treament” I just can’t stop myself and it is so much fun to bring these castoffs back to life. Besides Mr. Understanding says we are starting to look like a warehouse for “old”Geography studies. You know I think when he says things like that I think maybe what he is really wanting to say is “when are you going to get some of this junk out of here.” Hmm, you know, well you know all I can say is “he is very understanding”, just saying.

Ok, back to what you really want to hear and see. This is another easy project, the hardest part was cutting out the little clipart.

The steps are as follows:

      1. Find yourself a globe
      2. Find some clipart you like, in this case awesome super heroes
      3. Get out your mod podge
      4. This is a tough step – decide which parts of the globe you want to cover up using the clipart. Seems like everywhere I chose to put this great clipart, there was something equally as great printed on the globe.
      5. Keep gluing, I am not done with mine yet.
      6. Admire your awesome work!


Now for the pictures!

This is a before, got my globe, got my clipart, got to go find my mod podge

This is a before, got my globe, got my clipart, got to go find my mod podge



Wolverine bursting out of India!


“Thor” in the frozen North



“Spidey” hanging out on top of Morrocco


“Superman” rescuing a Mermaid out of the Pacific Ocean. I am going to add a couple more of Superman because as you know, he is everywhere.



More clips to add. See you later, Enjoy



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