Globe Lovin’

Guess what? I got another one of those projects finished that I showed you in Now or Never Part Two
I love globes and have been collecting them whenever I see a reasonably priced one. Now that I have a bunch of them, I am thinking I can sacrifice a few for repurposed projects. The picture below is my first globe project and I have to tell you it is not as easy as you would think to cut one of these things in half. Yes, they are made out of cardboard and are built to withstand all the globe twirling/spinning that I am sure most of us have done at one time or another.

Did you ever play the game: Spin the globe as hard as you can (sometimes so hard it bounced off on to the floor) yes, I am raising my hand. Anyway, you spin the globe and when it stops you close your eyes or maybe you closed your eyes when it started spinning, close your eyes and pick out a spot on the globe and this is where you will one day go to find the person who will adore you forever. Oh, the good ole days or not. Ok, back to the project.

I hacked this globe in half using whatever I had on hand for hacking cardboard. Then I went to my pile of drawers I have been collecting and found one that a friend had given me (already painted) love that. Then using PowerPoint or whatever program you use to make words – I used PowerPoint and just played with it until I got it to look the way I wanted. Trust me I had several versions, once you get the words layed out so they will all fit on the globe, print them out and get to decoupaging them on to the globe.

I did paint black around the cut edge of the globe since my hacking wasn’t so smooth then I glued the globe to the drawer using E6000 glue, let it dry, don’t be in a big hurry to hang it up on the wall so you can admire your handiwork. Let the glue dry, I’m just saying. I love repurposing things but, when I am done and the glue is dry, off it goes to my booth at Southern Crossing (sometimes things come out so awesome, I have to keep them around for a couple of weeks.) By the way, if you ever see any of my art that you can’t live without just contact me and let’s discuss. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow for – Vintage Friday –

I am lovin' my repurposed globe. If you love it, drop me a line.

I am lovin’ my repurposed globe. If you love it, drop me a line.


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