DIY Wedding Reception and Lots of Burlap

tissue flowers made from vintage patterns, and chandelier w/twinkle lights

tissue flowers made from vintage patterns, and chandlier w/twinkle lights

chandlier w/ twinkle lights and a picture repurposed as a chalkboard

chandlier w/ twinkle lights and a picture repurposed as a chalkboard

We recently tried our hand at decorating for a wedding reception DIY style. This past summer a friend (Brittnaey) told us she and her fiancé were planning a wedding for January 2014. Her vision of the wedding reception involved lots of vintage things, burlap, and DIY decorations. I was delighted, and volunteered my services to her. Oh boy, this was going to be fun.

I already had lots of things she could use, DIY chalkboards, vintage books, and dishes just to name a few. The reception was going to be held in Fellowship Hall at her church.

Brittaney told us she was open to any and all ideas about decorating the only thing she really insisted on was that somehow we give her some lighting other than the fluorescent lighting in the hall. She was planning an evening wedding so, she was right in not wanting glaring overhead lighting for her reception but, what were we going to replace it with on a DIY budget you ask? I was scratching my head too.

Well, she got busy scouring the web for ideas and WOW is there a lot of inspiration out there or what? First we thought we could just use lamps for lighting, her wedding was in the evening so we would go for the low lit lounge kind of look. Big problem the outlets in the Fellowship Hall were few and far between. Ok, maybe we could use one or two lamps but not the ten or twelve we had envisioned. How about twinkle lights, those type of lights give off an nice glow and cover a wide space. Sounded like a good idea so we started scouring the thrift stores for white twinkle lights with white cords. We were able to collect more than we needed.

It’s a good thing we started early; that’s the key to this kind of decorating, Start Early time runs out fast. Fast forward, we accumulated all kinds of cute artifical flowers (to mix in with the real babys breath) remember we have low lighting so most folks won’t be able to scrutinize the flowers to closely. We saved a zillion jars which we used inside and outside for candle holders. We made wire hangers for them and also hung some with twine. We wanted to highlight the head table so we covered the lovely “block walls” with white drop cloths we had gottn at Lowes. This not only covered up the walls it also covered the bulletin boards on the walls:) We were able to snag two goldtone chandeliers at the GW store. We spray painted both of them white. One of them didn’t work so we wrapped it with some of those twinkle lights we had been collecting. (you can see it one of the pics below).

We made large tissue paper flowers. I had visited my sister at Thanksgiving and she pulled out a large sack of old fabric patterns. Guess what, free tissue for flowers and it matched the vintagey theme. We bought a bolt of burlap from the fabric store, which we got at a great price right around Christmas. Remember, I said start early so that way you can wait for the great sales and have time to really search out the deals.
We made burlap drapes as part of the backdrop for the head table (see pic). Guess how we did this?

Ok I will tell you. We hot glued the whole thing to the wall! We just gathered it as we glued. The drop cloth, burlap, and flowers all hot glued and when we went to take it down, it just popped off no peeling, nothing. Amazing. If you use this method you should try a test run because it would be awful if you pulled the paint off the walls, just saying. I am going to stop here for now. I will tell you about the rest of the lighting next week.


One thought on “DIY Wedding Reception and Lots of Burlap

  1. I would really like to see a picture of a lamp you have done! I saw it in your shop….the GI Joes. The wedding ideas are great! Thanks….

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