Bumble Bee Outdoor Chairs

It is a very busy day here at Three Painted Owls. I didn’t want to disappoint you by not showing you at least a little something today. Last Spring,
I was out garage sale cruising with Mr. Understanding. We hadn’t gone far from the house when we saw a garage sale sign and since that’s what we were looking for we pulled in. They had a bunch of “stuff” but not what we had in mind. We were turning around to leave when, I saw what looked like chairs. I say looked like chairs because they were a mess. There were four of them which is always nice in my book. They were made out of rebar and had lots of peeling paint. Now I am a peeling paint kind of girl but, this was not the good peeling paint; you will have to trust me because I have not been able to locate my “before” picture of these so called chairs. They also had seats that were worse than the paint. The seats were made out of heavy cardboard (not kidding) and were covered with ancient torn oil cloth. So, I said to Mr. Understanding “look at those great chairs!” He said, “you have to be kidding, they look like they came out of the garbage” and then next thing he knows, he is loading them in the back of the truck. We got them home and naturally I had to let them “cure” while I thought about what I could do with them. After about forever, I got busy renewing them. I painted them a nice high gloss red and Mr. Understanding cut me out some nice new wood seats. I painted them turquoise and added the bee. I got the template from “The Graphics Fairy.” Check out her site, it is awesome. Once I had the painting all done, Mr.U attached the seats and voila they looked awesome. I took them up to my booth at Southern Crossing and the rest is history. Enjoy

a little paint and some new seats

a little paint and some new seats


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