Two Down Two to Go

Last week I showed you several of my undone projects, mostly to get myself back working on them but, also to make you feel better about your undone projects. Hope it spurred you to get back to yours, I know it got me going. I find I work better when I have a deadline or I have a commissioned piece with a promised delivery date. Without that pressure, I seem to let my projects languish and then the crazy thing is, I start more projects! I have completed two of the lamps I showed you in the Now or Never Part Two post. These toy lamps are so much fun to work on, you just have to have patience with them. The process requires first, finding the toys you want to use; I try to have a theme in mind before I start, even if it is say, boy toys. I have been collecting toys for about four years now, which in other words, I got a lotta toys. I am in the processing of trying to sort them into bins which would make it much easier to see what I have but, why would I want it to be easy? Ok, so I have the toys, the next step is gluing them to the lamp base in a pleasing and interesting way. This step can take weeks since the glue (E6000 is my choice) has to cure after each layer of toys is added. When I first started making the lamps I would have these great toys and I would get them glued on and then realize, duh, I am now going to put another layer over them and cover up most of what was so wonderful about them. So, toy placement should be planned out, just saying. After each layer, I paint. The first one I made I waited until the end to paint and it was not a good thing. It was very hard to get down into all the little crevices so now I have learned paint as you go. Ok, enough information, I know you want to see the pictures. Enjoy.

repurposed GI Joes

repurposed GI Joes

repurposed toys

repurposed toys

repuposed toys

repurposed toys


One thought on “Two Down Two to Go

  1. Can’t wait to give one of your fabulous lamps to my grandson for his birthday! An art piece for him to enjoy and add to his room!

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