Now or Never

Ever felt that if you don’t get back to a half finished project it will get lost in the clutter of everyday living and next thing you know you won’t be able to find half of the stuff you were using for the project? Browsing the web I see a lot of fun inspiration for projects; and for many of them I have all the supplies/materials  stashed somewhere in my home. (if I were more organized I wouldn’t even be discussing this with you but, that’s for another day). I have started several projects recently new owl painting, not one but three toy lamps, globe wall hanging, rock, paper, scissors, etc… Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Now or never, if I don’t get back to these projects soon, the materials to complete them will get swept off the dining room table, stashed into a box, resigned to the garage, or tucked away in the spare bedroom.  I am even  going to show you these undone projects which will provide the motivation for me to get back on the track. If you have any of these neglected half finished projects, get them out and finish them. Tell yourself “Now or Never.” I would love to see what you are working on.


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